How Likely Is Miscarriage After Finding A Heartbeat

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Trina - November 21

My Dr. informed me that after seeing the heartbeat that your rate of m/c drops to 5 %. IT can still happen, but is less likely. Hope this helps I have had 2 m/c and this time (3rd preg.) saw a heartbeat for the first time. He was very positive, but you still have to play your cards right. Just try to do everything in your power to make it stick! LIke no caffeine etc., just don't take any chances. That is how I feel about it. My husband thinks I'm nuts, but I want to know in my heart that I am doing everything I can to help my baby be stong. Good luck, and remember the odds are in your favor. You have a 95% chance of carrying this baby to term.My thoughts are with you.


heidi - November 21

I found this article comforting as it calls the heartbeat "rea__suring" and shows how chances of miscarriage decrease with gestational age: I do find statistics comforting- a 95% chance of success looks pretty good!


M. - November 22

I think that what people just want to hear are positive stories, since we all know the risks and possible outcomes. It is so important to stay positive and in order to do that, we need to hear positive stories. I am at 7 weeks with light pink spotting but an ultrasound shows a 120 heartbeat. All I can do is pray and I love the last few posts - we need to focus on the 95% chance we will deliver a healthy baby! Prayers to all.


Alison - November 22

To M - my prayers are with you, too. As I mentioned above, I was actually looking at this site because I had a bit of brown spotting, which I never experienced with my first pregnancy. My husband was on our yacht for the night and I felt all alone, so found it comforting to read other people's experiences with the same symptoms - and usually they were fine. Phoned Midwife in the morning - she was in the middle of a paddock, having taken her horse out for the day (it was a Saturday!). The first thing she asked was "have you made love?" - which we had (before my husband went to the yacht for the night!). So I felt a bit stupid for disturbing her day off (she didn't mind, however - she's used to it!!). So, like I said, I'll be praying for you specially!!


M. - November 22

Alison - thank you for your prayers - it is nice to read the posts here and know we have a support system where we can go on and on. One day at a time and I pray for you and the others as well. Don't worry about bothering the midwife - she is happy to relieve any fears or stresses you have. Take care.



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