How Long Does Depression Last After A Miscarriage

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Ms. Rodriguez - July 20

It's been 2 months since my miscarriage of my fourth pregnancy...I have 3 children. When I found out I was pregnant again after I just had a baby in November, I was mortified. I told my husband I didn't want to go through another pregnancy, labor, and all those sleepless nights, all over again, and having two babies just seemed out of our budget. Well, I miscarried...and have felt guilty ever since. Now I regret not wanting the baby, and if i would have just thought differently, like a baby is a blessing instead of a burden, mayb I would still be pregnant, safely carrying my 4th child. I hope the depression goes soon because it's starting to take a toll on me and my family. How much longer is this going to last?


Lynsey - July 20

Ms Rodriguez, negative thoughts do not cause a miscarriage-just as positive thoughts cannot make a baby survive. I wanted my baby very much and felt very positively about them coming but miscarried. And many women fall pregnant and are unsure about it but have healthy babies. Your reaction was not in any way to blame for the loss of your baby. It makes it much harder for you to deal with your loss, but it does not have any fault for what happened. It is difficult to say how long the depression will last as it very much depends on the individual and the circ_mstances. I say don't be hard on yourself. You are allowed to grieve and you need to do so. Take things very slowly and don't try to "force" yourself to feel better. It will take time but there will come a time when your mindset and ability to cope with your loss has changed and you will look back and feel very sad you lost your baby, but the feelings won't be raw like they are just now and you will be able to enjoy life again despite the sad memory of what happened. I know having children already does not alter in any way the pain of losing a baby, but they can be a comfort to you at this time.


saffie67 - July 21

Hello, so sorry to hear about your loss, i miscarried in dec and to tell the truth i dont think i was getting over it, its only now, now that i have fallen pregnant again that the pain has eased, i have 2 sons and have had 3 miscarriages.but im now having a scare because yesterday after a visit to the bathroom i discovered a very faint blood stain on the im just paranoid , waiting for the miscarriage to happen , so its back to depression for me, im only 6 weeks 4 days and i keep telling myself that i wont care if i lose this baby, cause god only knows how im gonna cope, i haven't told my hubby what ive found , i dont want him to worry, so im just sitting on this time bomb waiting....I hope you feel better soon, dont blame yourself, it wasnt our faults that our baby's didnt stay....Good luck to you sharon xx


KK - September 15

Hi. 2 months ago I lost my 2nd child at 12 weeks, 4 days. Last night I cried a lot. It seems like every couple of weeks, I have a good cry. While the depression isn't severe, really, I do wonder if I had any thing to do with it ( I fell really ill with a flu for about 2 weeks, had no appet_te and also had a toothache - all of which I took dr. approved OTC's for, but I still wonder if those things hadn't happened, if I would still be pregnant. After reading your question, Lynsey's answer is right on. I wanted this child very much also. The timing was perfect. I felt totally blessed and smiled upon by God, then WHAM. The blood gates burst and I miscarried. It is a very hard thing. Since this happened, I believe that miscarriages are nature's way & God's way of protecting the children that weren't forming correctly. Although this thought does bring some comfort - losing a pregnancy is still difficult. I will probably go through bouts of depression for a while - and I'm just letting myself do it because there is a grieving process. its important to let yourself grieve, but try not to be hard on yourself. Maybe it would help if you got some professional help or went to see a church minister or counselor.. I'm also wondering how you are doing, Sharon? Hope everything is ok for you.



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