How Long To Wait After Miscarriage To Try Again

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CJ - December 15

I just had a miscarriage last week-pretty far along 15 weeks.I am just wondering how long it will take for my body to heal before we can try again.


Kristen - December 15

my doctor told me to wait until after i have my first period before tring again. Hope This Helps and Good Luck.


stephanie - December 20

i was told to give myself 3 months till i try again. this way your body has enough time to mend itself! good luck!


Angela - December 20

I was also told ok to start as soon as you have your first period. I had miscarriage at 6wks and got pregnant again within a few months and now I'm 6 wks and in fear of another miscarriage... I have had a son who's 5.


Paloma - January 4

I just had one on Dec. 24th and they told me to wait 3 months.


wendy - January 4

it depends on your doctor and how you feel I had one on Nov 1 and my dr told me to wait 2 regular menstral cycles to start again because you need to give your uteran lining a chance to build itself back up. Yes you can get pregnant within one period but you could be taking your chances. Basically if your dr tells you one and you feel like trying again then go for it. If you are not ready then take your time it will happen.


AMY - January 4

I have has 2 miscarriages .They were a year apart. My doctor told me to wait a couple of months until i healed. But i have heard from other people that they started as soon as they had a normal period and it seemed to work fine for them. Good luck!


Kitty - January 5

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I recently had a miscarriage at 12 weeks, and my doctor told me that I only needed to wait through one normal cycle before trying again. However, I believe that many doctors suggest waiting a bit longer after a second-trimester miscarriage. How much time your body takes to heal can also depend on the cause of the miscarriage and how much bleeding there was, so I would ask your doctor about your individual situation. If the answer seems like a very long time, though, get a second opinion. My doctor seems to think that many doctors, especially older ones, are overly cautious about how long they tell patients to wait. They are often building time for "emotional healing" into the answers they give, but really, we are the ones who know whether or not we are ready emotionally.


marianna - January 11

I am sorry to hear about your loss. I have had two miscarriages. I have one daughter and I am 27 weeks pregnant right now. Ehen I had my first miscarriage I was so tramatized that I wanted another baby so bad right away. The doctor told me to wait until I had atleast one period, but I got pregnant again a month and a half later with now my five year old daughter. Good luck.



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