How Many Weeks Were You When You Miscarried

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becky - September 11

I'm just curious. I'm 6 weeks right now, but, I don't feel pregnant at all. Not one symptom. I've had slight spotting also. I keep thinking I'm going to miscarry, which I think is strange. I've had 3 pregnancies prior, and I always had symptoms immediately. Of course last time it was twins that I had, so I know I had double the hormones. But still, I think its strange. I was just wondering how many weeks you all were when you miscarried.


M.F - September 12

Hi! Becky ! I was 7 weeks when it happend to me they were twins at first I did'nt feel pain other then the bleeding but then the pain came


jodie WA - October 5

hi becky my first miscarriage was at 6 wks no signs just bleeding 3 days after confirmation. 2 months later we found out that we where expecting again. I was both elated and scared but tried to stay positive unfortunatly at 10 wks i started to spot but my doctor said it was just implantation spotting so i didnt worry to much, then 3 days later i started to spot heavier and went for an u/s it was inconclusive because they found a sack but no heatbeat so didnt want to do an d&c sttraightaway. I was supposed to go for blood tests 2 days later for my levals but got up of the chair and everything came away the day before. Long story short rushed to emergency and D&C done the next morning. we where both upset and it was much harder to explain to our 4 yr old son what had happend. Yes i have concieved with our son no problem 4 years ago which makes this so confusing and hard. i am having tests done at the moment for a polycystic ovary one of the many tests they are giving me. My thoughts are with u we can only keep trying as I know first hand the joy a child can bring. One question though to everyone! did you and your partner has any difficalty after your own experiences with one wanting to try straight away and the other saying that they cant do this anymore? I'll keep an eye out for your answers. thanks and good luck to you all.



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