How Much Bed Rest W Subcorionic Hematoma

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Christina - June 29

I was diagnosed 3 weeks ago. My doc took me off work one week ago, but he said bed rest is not necessary. I have been laying down with my feet up about 2-3 hours a day and I am still bleeding about as much as a normal period. I am reading about bedrest really helping some of you. What specifically are you doing as far as bedrest? Only get up to go to the bathroom? or can I water the grass or take the dog outside? Do I need someone home with me? I am 15 weeks along now and I am getting worried because my bleeding is more of a red color now (it was more brown before) Please help!!


Eve - June 29

Well, red means new blood. Maybe you should see a doctor.


Justine - June 30

Christina - I really hope everything's fine for you - I know how hard it is as I had a hematoma from week 8 which was still there at my last scan at 13 weeks and have bled 10 times - I'm now 21 weeks and haven't bled for 7 weeks and the baby is moving. I was also told not to go on bedrest but I did stay in bed all day whilst I bled red. Also all of the time I didn't carry anything and still don't (no shopping etc), I didn't have s_x, I avoided bending (you should only bend at knees). If you can get someone round to help that would be ideal and also give you some much needed emotional support - I know I was very scared at times. I didn't have anyone in the day but my husband has done all the cooking, cleaning, shopping and washing up in the evening - bless him. Strict bedrest is only getting up to use the bathroom and some women do this with hematomas. If you are bleeding I'd stay lying down on the bed or sofa and don't do anything else if possible. I'd also see the doctor/hopsital again if you're bleeding red and get another scan done. Most people (c90%) with hematomas do go on to have normal healthy babies so keep positive. Hope everything's fine and look after yourself. Lots of love.


Christina - July 1

Thanks for replying. I had an appt today. The doc seems to think that there is a good chance that I may loose the baby. Also there is a clot inside the placenta. I am very worried and scared- but most of all sad because I see my little baby having so much fun turning flips and waving at us. I can only pray for the best.


Justine - July 1

Christina - I'm so sorry to hear that and I really hope it works out for you.


Christina - July 2

Hmmm... I've been looking on the net for "blood inside the placenta". It seems to me that it is SUPPOSED to be there???



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