How To Handle A Breech Baby

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Becky - October 3

My baby is breech and I have the choice of having my doctor "try" to rotate the baby, or get a C section. I was told that trying to move the baby is only 50% effective, and very painful. What should I do?


April - October 4

Becky dont really worry about it. I'd go ahead and try it, other wise the only option is C-section. Also the pain factor is case by case, it can be painful so they have to tell you. I have been told that the earlier you have it done the less painful it is, also they can give you drugs is the pain is really bad afterwards. Its pretty safe and usually works, so go for it and good luck.


Emily - October 4

It can't hurt to try it. If it is too painful, they can stop. It isn't like once they start they have to keep going. If it is too painful, just have them stop. A C-section is not the end of the world. They are performed everyday with no harm to mom or baby. My Mom had two vag births and tehn had two C-sections. She always told me that it didn't matter to her one way or the other. She said did you want your pain before the baby or after? She said the only thing with the C-section is that she had to use a piollow across her tummy when holding my sisters because it hurt without it. But if a C-section is the safest way, then that is what you should do. Whatever is best ofr the baby. I hope that thye can get your baby turned in the right direction, but if not, a C-section isn't so bad. I will be keeping you in my prayers


Carolyn - October 4

I've got the same problem and question as you. I'm nearly 35 weeks with my first and have been told that I have the choice of having an ECV to turn the baby. Initially, I was apprehensive about having an ECV because it's only 50% effective. However, I read that the Academy of Obstetricians recommends that doctors and mothers try the ECV before having a c-section. I also thought that I would have an ECV in one of the country's best hospitals and that doctors would do everything in their power to ensure mine and the baby's health and the best outcome while minimizing the pain. Yet I'm still have some fears with an ECV and c-section, which I think is normal. When are you due Becky? From what I read, there might still be chance that your baby. Apparently, some babies turn right before labor. Anyway, I understand your anxiety with a breech baby and having an ECV and/or c-section. Good luck.



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