Hydramnios Too Much Amniotic Fluid

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Rainie - November 4

I went in to the doctor today because I was seeing lights all over and I have been really light headed, dizzy, and just feel like I can't get in enough oxygen. I am 28 weeks, but when they measured me I measured 32 weeks, so they did an ultrasound and saw that my baby is in fact the right size of a 28 weeker, but I have a big pool... too much amniotic fluid. I'm scared, and the more research I do the more worried I get. They are giving me a test in a couple days to see if I have gestational diabetes, which could be the cause. Does anyone else have any insight on this topic, I've heard it occurs in less than 1% of pregnancies.. so maybe one of you at least have a friend that has experienced this?


Angela - November 20

I was just diagnosed with this via ultrasound at 28 weeks 5 days. I have read that in the majority of cases there is no reason for having too much amniotic fluid. I was one point away from failing my 1 hour glucose test so I'll be taking it again on Dec 1. I'll also have another ultrasound to monitor the fluid and to check that the baby's digestive system is working properly. I was close to 1 CM over the high end cut off according to the ultrasound.


Rainie - November 21

I haven't heard the results of my diabetes test, but they said no call is good. I still don't understand, they said that the ultrasounds look really good, everything looks like it has developed well in my baby. But now I'm 30 weeks pregnant, and my belly is gigantic, I look like I'm overdue, people always ask my due date and I say January 30th, and they don't believe me. I have another appointment in 3 days and they are going to do another ultrasound, maybe we will figure it out, meanwhile I just try not to worry to much about it. Keep me posted on your condition Angela.


rainie - November 24

I have to go to the hospital for another extensive ultrasound, like the one they did at 20 wks when I found out he was a healthy boy. The doctor thinks that my due date is off, but that is impossible I got pregnant right away when I got back with my boyfriend, before that I was abstinent. I'm now measuring 37 weeks... how the heck am I supposed to get used to being this huge, I hope I can handle 2 1/2 more months of this!


rainie - December 2

just an update... I just got off the phone with my doctor and he said the baby is just fine, and i dont even have polyhydramnios! I'm measuring so big because this is my 31st week and the ultrasound showed that he is already at least 5lbs if not more! My doctor is known for inducing, but I've decided I'm not going to be induced... I think this is just Gods way of paying me back for what I did to my mom (I was 10lbs at birth!)



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