Hydrocephalus Can Anyone Shed Some Light Please

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GraphxGirl - April 26

Hi everyone, I am very scared right now. I am 27 years old and I am 28 weeks pregnant and the other night I ended up in the hospital for a few nights due to having alot of tightenings. I am on bed rest for the rest of my pregnancy incase of premature labor. The exact same thing happened when I was around 28 weeks and pregnant for my first child. I have been told that it probably is just the way my body is during pregnancy and that my uterus is irritable when I am active. So this alone does not worry me because it has happened before and I carried my daughter to term and she was just fine. Yesterday they wanted to do an ultrasound of the baby and my cervix to see if anything was going on. The baby looks perfectly fine except for the ventricle fluid measuring 11 mm. I have read alot of stories and have noticed alot of people saying that if the fluid measures in the upper range of normal earlier in pregancy there is a good chance it may correct itself. But where I am 28 weeks do I still have a good chance of having the measurements go down? My first ultrasound at 20 weeks as far as I know was perfectly fine as they never told me anything different. So I am wondering if maybe over the past couple months did the fluid increase. I never knew anything about Hydrocephalus until yesterday. I guess you really don't think of these things until it actually happens to you The doctor did say that where I am so young the chances of Down's sindrome is very very low and that everything could turn out to be just fine and I am sure there are other disabilities that could be caused by this as well but they did not give me much more information about this at all. That is what brought me here, it's on my mind constantly and I am so worried for my baby boy. If anyone has gone through this or has any information to help would be greatly appreciated. ~ Aimee


Laurabb4 - January 20

Hello, My daughter was born with Hydrocephalus. She is 6 months old. We did not know she had this until she was 2 weeks old. If you have questions I can try and help. If you just need to talk.


cindernar - January 25

I'm sorry you've gotten scary news. I have had two children with neural tube defects, so hydrocephalus has always been a concern for me. I can't completely relate to what you're going through. Just wanted to tell you to keep your chin up! Good luck to you and your family.



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