I Am 35 Level II U S Amp Amnio Tomorrow Unsure What To Expect

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Sal - August 11

Three weeks ago I had the FetoProtein blood test and my results came back positive for Down Syndrome. Tomorrow I have a Level II U/S and possibly an amnio--should we decide to go through with it. Anyone else in the same boat? I am really confused...my heart tells me the baby is fine, but that test (although renowned for having false positive results) has said otherwise. I will be 17 weeks on Saturday.


Becky - August 12

Unless you have any intention of ending your pregnancy in the event of downs, I would not have the amnio-a level 2 ultrasound should show things quite well. Although the risk of miscarriage with the amnio is very low, I think any risk would be too much for me. I have heard women say they were told they had a high risk of a baby with downs then the baby was fine so dont give up hope that your baby will be completely healthy. All the best


SW - August 12

i agree with becky.unless you are intending on ending your pregnancy if the results are not good then i wouldnt have it done either. when i had my 18-20wk scan i was told that it was possible that the spine wasnt forming properly and to go back in a few weeks for follow up scan.i chose not to go back because even if something was wrong in my mind it was too late to have an abortion anyway.however, i ended up having a 3d/4d scan done at 29 weeks (bout a week and a half ago) and my sister asked for me about the spine.it seems to be fine now tho. well good luck and hope eveything works out for you!


Melissa - August 13

I had an ultrasound which discovered my baby's heart has not developed normally. He is ok now and may require some surgery once he is born. My results for down syndrome were very low from my 13 wk scan and blood test.....although they gave us an option to have amnio to make sure 100%. It is a very hard decision to make, could you take care of a baby with down syndrome? I had the amnio done yesterday, I am completely against termination, but have no idea what I would do. I know that if I didn't get it done I would be worried that there is a possibility and will be stressing until my baby is born. Do what makes you feel comfortable. Best of luck


Melissa - August 13

Sometimes the doctors are wrong. I hope everything is ok. I know that feeling in your heart that tells you everything is ok. Depending on the results they get from checking my babies heart after birth, one of the options for surgery has a 20-40% mortality rate. Deep down inside when I feel my little boy moving..I also know he is going to be ok.



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