I Am Suppose To Be 8 Weeks But Scan Says 5 Weeks

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nicola.xx - March 5

i had a u/s yesterday as i had had a tiny amount of brown discharge and was worried i was meant to be 8 weeks and 3 days at the scan they said i am only 5 and a half weeks and there is a possibility that the baby has stopped growing my last period was jan 4th and i first had a weak pregnancy test result on the 5th february the one i did on the 4th february was negative. i have to go back for a scan on friday please help need advice if anyone else has been in same situation


x - March 5



Shannon - March 6

I was supposed to be 7weeks 5 days pregnant, but the baby only measured 5 weeks 5 days, they sd baby probably quit growing and scheduled me for dnc, but i went for 2nd opinion the day before the dnc scheduleld and i had a baby with a great heartbeat, the first dr was 2 weeks off my due date going by my last menstrual period, but this other dr went by the day i actually got preganant, which was jan. 15th and now the baby is growing each time i have an ultrasound and great heartbeat and doing fine, so don't give up, get 2nd opinion if need be, do not schedule a dnc too early like i almost did, good luck


nicola.xx - March 6

thanks shannon what was your lmp date and what is your due date? I'm still so worried and still have 5 days of waiting me and my partner are so upset i dont understand how the date can be 3 weeks out my lmp was defiantly 4th jan and i def had a weak positive pregnancy result on 5th feb which was only nearly 4 weeks ago??????


nicola.xx - March 19

has anybody had this good or bad i need some answers ?


Kat - March 19

Hi Nicola. I'm sorry for your stress. I haven't experienced this but if you look through other posts you will see that others have. Best to you.


Heather - March 19

Nicola... I had an u/s at 8 weeks and there was no heartbeat. I went back 1 week later & just happened to start spotting the night before my 9 week u/s was scheduled and found that the baby had died around 5-6 weeks. Blighted ovum it was. Have you had your other u/s yet?


Amanda N - March 20

I had this happen. According to lmp I was supposed to be 8 weeks. When I went for US they didn't even see baby. They figured baby may have stopped growing. I went for bloodwork every other day to see if hcg levels were rising or not. They were and a week later I had another US and it showed baby and heartbeat I was only 6.5 at that time. Keep your head up and do as Shannon said get 2nd opinions. Wish you the best of luck.


nicola.xx - March 20

doesnt look to good for me i have been bleeding red all weekend midwife said i cannot go to the early pregnancy unit until i have to change my pad every one hour and i have not got to that stage yet im so scared and upset it does not look good for me


Kat - March 20

Sorry Nicola. I am praying this stressful weekend ends in good news for you. I have heard of others having similar issues and it all goes well in the end. I guess you have to be prepared for either way it goes, but try to relax as much as possible. I know that is nearly impossible. Been there. Keep us posted.


D - March 22

That just happened to me. I thought I was 8 weeks and the ultrasound said only five. my doctor said either I miscalculated my period or it stopped developing. I went back for another u/s two weeks later and it hadn't grown. It was hard news to hear. My doctor told me I could get a second opinion, but I compared the two ultrasounds, and I felt my doctor was right. I had to wait a bit to get the D&C scheduled, and two days before I was supposed to have it I started bleeding--alot--at work. It was certainly a bad situation. I had to go to the ER where they did the D&C. I don't mean to scare you, but that was my experience. That was two months ago, and I'm okay now. It's called a missed miscarriage.


D - March 22

I just read what I wrote and it sounds kind of harsh. I didn't mean to be so graphic! Sorry..I do know what you're going through. The two weeks between ultrasounds was extremely difficult for my husband and I. I hope your situation turns out better.



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