I Didn T Know I Was Pregnant

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aeborja - May 10

I am 42 and pregnant I am not sure how long because i have had periods twice a month and then one day of spotting, I have been gaining weight becauce of steroids shots to my back so I started taking phentermine to lose weight probably for about 2-3 weeks I also went to a party and had a lot to drink, when I missed my period all together, I had a test -positive. I am now very scared but can't get in to see my ob gyn until the end of this month does anybody know anything about this? I also drank coffee.


Chas - May 10

Wow, that is quite a story. It doesn't sound like you were tyring to get Pg.I really don't have any advice for you, except try not to worry too much about the drinking, but I would definately stop taking the diet pill and the drinking now that you know. Good luck !


aeborja - May 11

yes, I have gone on different websites for information, I found out some disturbing affects from alcohol but haven't been able to find out anything about the diet pills. I know I am completely to blame for this ignorance I wasn't using birth control haven't for quite awhile and although my sig other and I aren't intimate very often, (TMI) I know it only takes one time .


Smiles - May 11

Have you ever been pregnant before?


aeborja - May 12

My youngest is 16. Oldest is 20.


sara b - May 12

I wouldn't worry. I did many things before I knew I was pg and I still gave birth to a healthy 8lb. 10 oz. baby girl. I never even managed to quit smoking (I don't recommend that tho). I'd leave it in your higher powers hands because stress will probably be more detrimental to your baby than anything else. Best wishes.


aeborja - May 13

Thank you sara b that what I am telling myself,theres nothing I can do now but try and do things right It seems as though so many things have changed since my last one-16 years example: I was craving white rice with soy sauce the next day I read that was questionable. So I just have to do as you said I know that god has plans for my baby and me no matter what happens. Thank you for your encouragement and congratulations on your baby.


sara b - May 13

your welcome. and as for rice and soy sauce i say go for it. the asians live some of the longest lives and they eat rice and soy sauce often. Also nothing is so bad in moderation (food-wise anyway). I believe that pregnancy cravings are there to alert you to a food that may have something that is missing from your diet. Just don't overdue it. I wish you the best.


Genavie - May 13

I also recently found out I was 3 months pregnant and didn't know, I asked my doctor about drinking and she said as long as I was not drinking heavily every weekend there is nothing to worry about.


charliepaulchloe - May 18

hi all, i had a m/c in dec05 ( didnt know was preg til had m/c) and wasnt planing on trying again for a while so i had my birthday on 24th feb went out and was absolutely rotten had been drinking lager all day then southern comfort (doubles might i add) all night!!! i went to dr's 4 days later cause b___bs were really sore and he done a test that said i was pregnant ( made up) well i totally freaked cause of the amount i had drank at the weekend any way i went hospital for scan following week and everything was fine i am now 18 wks and getting fat!!!! they say 2 units of alcohol per week is fine if i go to a family party i have a couple of gla__ses of shandy. but if you look at things from a different view how many ppl smoke/drink/take drugs during pregnancy and baby comes out fine so i dont think a little bit of alcohol and caffeine will do ur little bean any harm. good luck with ur pregnancies all xxx


aeborja - May 18

I am feeling much better now, mentally. I went to a general doctor, well he wasn't concerned about my age or alcohol but he did say that because I have three slipped disks in my lower back that I was going to be in a lot of pain he even went as far as saying that if it were him he would terminate. I knew I would be in pain and I was ready to endure that but he made it sound like I was going to be permantly disabled, I immediately made an appt with my orthopedic specialist to see what my options were as far as the pain was concerned as I was not going to terminate. Well he a__sured me that I am not going to be permantly disabled but that I was going to be in a lot of pain, more pain than a normal pregnancy but in the last trimester he could give whatever I needed for pain. He also told me not to worry about the drinks and other things he said he ,not knowing, performed a full spinal surgery on a 16 year old girl who also didn't know she was pregnant. They found out when she came back for a follow up when he took x-rays and a baby showed up in them. After all that anesthesia, medication and X-rays the baby was completely healthy. So I am optimistic now. Thanks to my orthopedic doctor and all your messages . I am so thankful for this forum, since I haven't told any family or friends except the daddy I havent been able to talk to anyone. I am excited I have my first ob gyn appt on Monday !(never thought I would say that I was excited to see my gyno) Thanks again.


funkycatt - June 7

I honestly wouldn't worry about the coffee. the amount of caffiene you can have while pregnat is actually pretty high. i drink my diet coke every day. i would look up the drugs you've taken, and see which "cla__s" they are in. they are rated by how safe they are in pregnancy.


aeborja - June 7

Hi I just wanted to thank everyone for their support. unfortunately I am having a miscarriage and am going in for a d&c I hope to get pregnant again but this time I will do everything different. I am having a hard time with this so I probably won't be responding again but for the short time that I was with child you all have been my support as I had not told anyone about the pregnancy and now the MC, Thanks again.



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