I M Bleeding Has Someone Bleed Not Spotted In 1st Trimester

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Monica - June 18

I found this string like substance when I wiped(I’ve been bleeding for 3 days now no blood clots tho, or heavy bleeding, it was midly cramping Wednesday and Thursday) It looked like it could have possibily came from the placenta. I’m getting kinda scared, I hope nothing is wrong. I need a little ressurance right now. Although i really don't think i am having a miscarriage.(or i may just be fooling myself). But i'm not having any cramping or sharp pains, or pains at all. I was just at the Dr. Wednesday. And i'm going back Monday so they can take my blood again(to check again where my HCG hormone is) and then i have another appointment Wednesday. Until then i want to know has anyone else bleed in the beginning of their pregnancy and the baby was ok ?or u didn't have a miscarriage when DR's said that you would?


Andraya - June 18

Dear Monica, I too had boughts of spotting during my pregnancies. During my first pregnancy at 17 I bled quite constantly and had one bad bought of bleeding and cramping at 11 weeks that resulted in a trip to the emergency ward. I was told I was having a miscarriage and to come back when I started pa__sing clots, and that they would do a D&C then. I went home and the bleeding stopped rather suddenly 6 hours later. I went on to deliver a wonderful, but premature, son at 32 weeks. With my second pregnancy I again found myself spotting and cramping, never a good combo when they happen together. I pa__sed a few decent sized clots at 8 weeks and again went to the emerg. ward. This time I was told that my cervix appeared to be dilated but that they thought the clots were actually my mucus plug and not blood. They sutured my cervix to prevent any further dilation and my daughter was born healthy but very late at 43 1/2 weeks. There are things the Dr's can do to help prevent miscarriage, not all the time mind you but some of the time. If you EVER feel that something is not right, go to the hospital. Never feel foolish about it. I ended up at hosp. at 28 weeks with my son thinking I was in labour. Turned out to be heartburn lol. But not once was i made to feel bad for going. I was told by every Dr and nurse I saw that I did the right thing. So I say take a load off your mind and make the trip to the hosp. That little seed of fear and doubt can make you stressed and that is not good for you, or baby. I say take full advantage of the medical wonders available to us in this day and age. Your peace of mind is so very worth it.


cozette - June 18

Monica how far along are you? I am 11 1/2 weeks and 2 days ago had a sudden gush of red thin blood enough to make a mess and went to the emergency room and they did an ultrasound and i saw the baby moving around with a heartbeat and they sad at the moment everything looked fine and it was a threatend miscarriage. Went to the Doc the next day and got the babys heartbeat again on monitor and took some blood test but said there is no way to tell if the pregnancy will make it, I just have to wait and see. I made an appointment for 1 week to see him again. Since that incident I spotted red (just wipes on the paper) 2 times the next day and today it was brown with a little clot. Waiting is so hard because you don't know if you are still going to have a child or not when they cant tell you exactly for sure. I am so scared I don't want to move. One thing I know for sure from reading on this site is that every single pregnancy is dufferent and whatever is gonna happen for you may be different for someone else. Good Luck!!


Monica - June 19

I'm 17, and 7weeks 4days now preg.. I called my Dr. yesterday and told her what was going on and she told me to go to the ER. They took my blood, did a 5 min. examination of my v____a and did ultrasounds from the outside and inside. They said everything was ok, but there's no way to really tell if it's a threating miscarriage or not yet, because it's so early. There still going to check my HCG level about every to weeks to make sure it's going up.And I have an appointment Wed. Better to be safe than sorry, ya know. Gosh, people had so many rude comments to say about me being 17 and pregnant. Although one nurse said that i was a lot older than most teens that come in pregnant.


Monica - June 19

Oh yea, p.s. they said they couldn't really tell where the bledding was coming from. But it kinda subsided yesterday anyway.


Amy - June 19

Monica what were your levels when you took them last and how far along are you?


Monica - June 19

Amy,I don't know what my levels are yet, i'll know Wednesday. And i'm 73/4 or 8 weeks preg.


Liana - June 20

yeah, i bled when i was 9 wks pregnant! My gynae did a scan and told me all was fine and that my baby was growing ok. He told me maybe it was due to stress and i was ordered complete bed rest with feet up for a week. I have not bled again so far up till now. And I'm 14 wks pregnant now.


Lisa - June 20

Hi Monica! I am six weeks 1 day and I had a bit of brown/pink spotting 6 days ago, then a few pinkish-red flecks 2 days after that, then brown and red clotty blood this morning (enough to stain underwear). Also, my lower back hurt. Well, I went to the hospital and turns out my baby is still growing and has a heartbeat that can be observed on external ultrasound! They told me this kind of thing can be normal, and that I should avoid heavy lifting and housework. And drink LOTS of water. (I have two nurses in the family and both gave me this exact advice). So, since I have a job that can be strenuous, I've asked to be put on very light duty this week. As much as you can, and as hard as this is, try just to take very good care of yourself through all the fear and uncertainty. I absolutely freaked myself out with terror this week, and it didn't help anything! Finally I got some relief by just breathing and accepting that I am not in control of this process and that miscarriage is not the end of the world. For me it's the uncertainty that's the killer of serenity. I just tried to think about all the things in my life that would still be there for me even if I miscarried. After all, there's no guarantee at any point in pregnancy-- or in parenting-- that your child will be ok. So, uncertainty is part of life! Best of luck to you and God bless.


Sally - June 20

Dear Monica, 14 years ago i had my first miscarriage at 9 weeks, then a year later i fell pregnant with my daughter Rio & had bleeding (fairly light)on & off throughout that pregnancy. then 4 years later i miscarried again, then 4 months after that again. then i fell pregnant in october 96 & the dr offered me a termination saying "there is only 5% chance this baby will be normal after the medication you've had with your last miscarriage AND at 5 weeks i had a major bleed, called the dr & she said i'd lost the baby. i went to the hospital for a scan to make sure & they found.....A BABY ! i was terrified cos i thought i'd lose that one too as my cervix must have been open after the bad bad bleed that morning. But 9 months on a had a 9lb 3 oz baby daughter Eden.At home !!! do not ever give up, whatever happens to you don't give up.its scary, it's heartbreaking but you can win. please let me know how you get on, will be thinking of you. i'm now trying for another baby following a sterilization reversal in nov 2004. all the best, Sally


Monica - June 20

I ended up going to the ER the other day, and they took u/s's from the inside and outside, and did a v____al exam, and took my blood. They said everything looked ok on my u/s but they couldn't see or find the baby yet because it was still really early in my pregnancy. Then I called my DR. today, and she looked on the computer and saw the results of my blood test. She said my HCG level was really low (i don't know how low tho). But i refuse to give up on my baby. I'm thinking positive and I KNOW that everything! will be ok and that I will have a healthy baby 7months from now. I'm not giving up, and i'm not going to stress, cause i have a feeling that God is gonna pull though, and everything is gonna be alright. Sometimes it's gets worse first before it gets better. So i'm going to believe, because I can feel my baby's spirit moving in me, sayin not to give up, even tho the Dr. said that this is now a threatened miscarriage. I'm believing, and i'm not giving up, God Bless to all of you!


Virgie - June 21

Monica: My daughter is now 5 years old. I first found out I was pregnant with her when I was 12 weeks pregnant, because I had (what I thought) to be a normal cycle for almost 3 months. I finally took a pregnancy test (even though I was bleeding), because I was fatigued, my b___st were very tender and I had the blahs. My faithful EPT showed positive within seconds. The next morning I called my OB/GYN he said come in immediately. They did a blood test which showed positive. He immediately ordered an ultrasound and said you are definitely pregnant and calculated the fetus to be approximately 12 weeks. There is a medical name for this condition (after 5 years it escapes me). I actually bled until the middle of my 6 month of pregnancy. My daughter was 9 pounds and I did have to have a c-section, due to complications. But the end resulted in a beautiful baby girl. Take care and get plenty of rest!!!!



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