I M Scared Of The Amniocentesis

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Dont like needles!!! - April 28

Can anyone whos had one ease my mind?!?!


Mandy - April 28

Why exactly are you having an amnio? I would greatly dicourage it unless it is absolutely neccessary. I had a lot of complications in my first pregnancy and had to have an amnio at 32 weeks of pregnancy. I personally didn't think it was terrible, in fact the shot of Novacane to numb the area hurt worse than the amnio but it was very stressful. In fact that is the only thing in my whole preg and labor that my husband couldn't handle. It is a very deep pressure....I just tried to concentrate on watching my baby on the ultrasound as they did it. If you are unsure about whether or not it is neccessary I would consult another physician. Unfortunately some DR manipulate women into doing this when it isn't needed.


Still dont like needles! - April 28

Mandy, Thanks for replying. I do HAVE to have the amnio because my o negative blood is building up antibodies against my positive baby. So they have to do repeated amnios to keep checking the baby for anemia. I would never risk it unless completely necessary.


Dont like needles! - April 30

hasnt anyone got anything nice to say about it!?! c'mon ppl!!!


debbie - May 1

hi i had an amnio about 4 weeks ago and i realy hate neddles , it wasnt as bad as i thought it would be , but im glad i had it now


Mrs O - May 2

I had one about 4 weeks also, they didn't numb anything- they just did it. It wasn't bad at all! It only takes like 1 1/2 min. at most. The worst part is waiting for the results. Now that is miserable. Good luck.


Carleen - May 2

I had to have an amnio to check my babys lungs before being induced. I am needle-phobic and I was terrified. I was crying before the doctor even laid his hands on me. He said that from the time they put the needle in til its done is only a few seconds. I did not have a numbing shot and I have to say that I was scared for NOTHING!!! There wasnt even that usual "bee sting" that you feel with a shot. Its the size of the needle that makes the difference in how much it hurts and this needle is like the size of a hair. As it turns out, my baby moved and they almost had to do it again. If you have a good doctor, you'll have no problems. Good Luck!!!!!!!



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