I Measure Big But Baby Is Small

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mine4me - August 15

3135.1 We changed Doctors this week due to personal reasons and Thank God we did! I am 37 years old and this is my 5th pregnancy. Around 1 month ago I measured 34 weeks at 32 weeks. Thursday I measured 38 weeks at 33 weeks. Due to gestational diabetes Dr wanted ultrasound. Ultrasound tech said baby is about the size of a 31 week fetus. She should be around 5 pounds and is weighing in around 3 (which I know can go a pount either way). She is at the 7th percentile. I have a little less than the normal amount of fluid but not alarmingly under. So she has been diagnosed with IUGR. We go to Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota to see an OB specialist on Tuesday and to have a better ultrasound. I am terrified of course. My older children (read teens) are certain I am carrying twins and so are friends. My mother in law agrees with them. I know that sometimes twins can't be spotted (or rather one is missed) until after 20 weeks. Had anyone had this happen to them? What do you make of the small baby but measuring large? Honestly at this point I would welcome the news of twins...at least there would be a good reason for her small size.


gaer - September 23

How did this turn out for you? I am 35, also 5th pregnancy and I was measuring 20 weeks at 13, and so on, now I measure 28 at 30wks and I have low fluid and a small baby as well... At 16 wks I was sent to ultrasound to check for twins...there is only one. I have an ultrasound tomorow to monitor her growth. Hope all is well on your end.


JenandJohn - September 30

I posted an individual thread t_tled Please help me know I am not alone. I am at 20 weeks not but my baby is measuring no more than 16 weeks. A few weeks ago, I was told there was no significant growth. They put me on the weekly hormonal/steroid injections. Today, I found out they have not improved the baby's stats. I have to make a decision. Has anyone been through this?


DownbutnotOUT - October 9

Hi there I havent had alot of the issues you have had with you pregnancy and I wish you the best of luck! I dont really know to much about the condition you are experiencing with your wee one but I do remember i was not even 30 weeks with my daughter and she was over 4ibs and they considered her "BIG" so if your baby is measuring around 31 weeks 3 ibs doesnt seem to bad. Some babies are just smaller than others :) I hope your not worrying about twins as you are more than likely not carrying twins. With the advances in medicine and u/s technology the chances of them missing a twin is about slim to nil. With my daughter I swore I was having twins but first u/s showed just her and so did the others, she was a single birth. I wish you the best of luck, take care



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