I Really Need Help Advice Or Something Please

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Cassie - November 17

Okay Im 18 years old. I went into preterm labor at 26 weeks, Ive been on and off bedrest ever since. I went to the hospital for hard contractions the 11th of this month and am now 35 weeks.. almost 36. They did an amnio test to take out fluid because I have to much. Well my doctor sent it to a nearby hospital to get tested so we can find out if my babies lungs were mature.. She expected the number (which im not sure what this means) to be atleast 50.. Im laying in the hospital bed and she calls and says the number is way premature and it was 9. Now Im home, on bedrest, still having contractions. They said that there was really nothing they could give me to stop the contractions anymore, Procardia and Brethine didnt work. Im dialted a fingertip but that hasnt changed in a few weeks, so they arent worried about it. Me on the other hand, Im about to have a breakdown. I need to know something. Does anyone know what these numbers mean, or how developed a babies lungs should be developed at this point? Im so scared and I dont know what to do or what to expect.. I need help bad.


Ca__sie - November 19

Hey thank you for your reply. I have already had the steroid shots. They gave me 2 shots 24 hours apart when I was 34 weeks.. I am 36 weeks today. I have also had about 5 shots of the trebutaline(brethine) and took pills but that messed my heart up at the time I was taking it, so they took me off and gave me procardia. The doctor basically told me yesterday that the medication I am taking for a hyperactive thyroid was causing that babies lungs to... stop growing or w/e, but if I went off the medication now it could cause heart problems in me and the baby. She is hoping to just hold me off as long as possible, (thinking it will only be 2 weeks) and then delivering and seeing what happens... My baby will be in the NUCU for a month or more. They have a__sured that. Its a scary thing. I have my days where I just want to give up but Im holding on and trying my hardest to stay strong for everyone worrying.... I catch my mother crying and its painful very painful because I know that something could go wrong so fast.. Im praying I will be okay.. Thank you so much.


Saroyce - November 19

Hi Ca__sie! I had two premature children, one at 28 weeks and one at 25 weeks. I will tell you that every pregnancy and every child is different. My 28 week baby stayed on the ventilator for about 4-5 days and then she was breathing on her own. My 25 weeker, stayed on for three months and came home on oxygen and many other things. I had the steroids with both babies and it depends on how they grow. Ca__sie, just hold on to your faith. Lean and depend on God. That is what I had to do. And both of my children are here to laugh and talk with me. I can't ask for anything more. They spent a lot of time in the nicu, but, the staff was so helpful and informative, They made our stay at the nicu so pleasant. I still take the kids back to visit because that was their home for a long time. I will pray for you and your baby and I hope that everything comes out great for you guys. Try not to stress(that is easier said than done) and relax because you are almost there!


sheewoo - December 21

Hi Ca__sie I am just writing to see how you and the baby is doing I just read about your problem before the baby,


Ca__sie - December 21

I had Miranda. She was 6lbs 10 ounces 18 inches long and believe it or not PERFECTLY HEALTHY. the doctor was surprised that she was doing so well. I had to have an Emergancy c-section due to heart distress but got to come home two days after. I had her the 1st of December and was home by the 3rd. Thank you guys for giving me hope. All the prayers helped!


Angela - December 22

Congrats Ca__sie! I am so glad worked out so well. I wish you and your little one the best!



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