I Thought I Was 81 2weeks But Fetal Pole Only Measured 6 2w

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Tia - August 30

It is all so difficult,, last wed.8/24 I thought I was 81/2 weeks pregnant,,,I had an ultrasound, everything was normal except the fetus only measured 6.2 weeks and no heartbeat, the u/s tech said! Can I still keep hope, that I miscalculated my last LMP and it was just too early to hear the heartbeat? My doctor did a blood test to check the HCG levels, it was at 28 thousand,, and friday they made me come back for another test to check if the levels increased (that's a good sign),, or decreased,,, unfortunately it did decrease to 26 thousand...... my next appointment is this wednesday,,, Should I request another ultrasound? to make sure there is no heart beat,,,, HELP Please! I read All of your stories,,, the answers about the D&C are very helpfull, should I need to have it done! Hugs to All that are struggling to become Mommies


Tia - August 31

How can it only measure 6.2weeks when I thought I was 8.3,,,,,i'm going in today,,,, and I'm gonna request another ultrasound,,,,, I'm keeping hope!


sm - August 31

Tia, I had the same thing happen to me as far as my due date goes. I went into my u/s thinking is was 8 weeks and left the appt. being 5 weeks and 6 days. I know when my last period was and the date she gave me for probable conception just does not seem right or possible b/c two days later from her projected conception date is when I got a positive pregnancy test so I do not see how that could be right. My u/s did have a heartbeat but she said it was very low (100 bpm and should be 170..as my doctor says). My follow up u/s is next Tuesday and I am so anxious. It is all so confusing so I do understand what you are going through and I have had 2 miscarriages this year so any negative news scares me to death. I will keep you in my thoughts and good luck!


Tia - August 31

Thank You, SM,,,,,I had my appt. today,,, and had the 2nd ultrasound just to make sure what was going on,,, the fetus only measured 6.5weeks,, should have been 7.2 from last wednesday,,, still no heartbeat or movement,,,, and my hcg levels dropped to 20 thousand from last wednesday which was at 28 thousand,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I decided to have the d&c this friday,,, so I can close this chapter in my life,,, and someday soon start over. I will keep you in my prayers, I know it's very difficult to keep faith,,, but Please don't give up, God will take care of you,,,,Big Hugs from Tia



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