I Ve Been Bleeding For 7 Days No Cramping

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Butterfly - December 29

Hi , I am 7 weeks pregnant. I have been bleeding for seven days now, started off spotting then similar to a regular period maybe a little lighter and now light bleeding. I have had no cramping, some lower back pain on and off. I go for my second HGC bloodwork tomorrow and do not get my test results back until after the new year. I just had a misscarrige 6 months ago... has any one every experienced this and had a normal pregnancy?


justswell - January 3

Im going through the exact same thing. Im 7 weeks pregnant, and have been bleeding since boxing day. I went in for one ultra sound, she said i had bursted blood vessels around the sac. well Since then the blood has stopped, then extremly heavy. but NO cramps, and one tiny tiny clot. Nothing like tissue. Now the bleeding is very light brown. Im worried. GOing to try and get into the doctor today. Please keep me up dated. Im so scared


b__terfly - January 3

I hope everything goes well for you. i just found out today that I lost my baby. My HGC levels went form 1600 on December 28 and 900 on Dec. 30th. I do not know if I have pa__sed it or not.. I go for an ultrasound on Thursday to see. This is my second miscarriage. I have 2 healthy boys. i thank God for that. I just want to get all this over with and have another heathly baby.. This waiting game is what really drives me nuts.. I hope everything goes well with you, good luck! keep me updated if you'd like..I find talking to people who have been through these things helps!


justswell - January 4

im curious are you still bleeding? lightly, heavly anything? Cause for the last 3 days i havn't had any blood. I have an untra sound today.. So maybe they will be able to tell me somthing


Butterfly - January 4

No bleeding for the past 5 days...The midwife says that because i was so early I may have pa__sed it and not realized it...A friend who went through the same thing lost hers a 5 weeks and said it was just like a heavy period...I go for my ultrasound tomorrow to see if everything has pa__sed...I'll keep you informed...also keep me up to date...I hope all is well. good luck!


justswell - January 4

Well I went and had the untra sound today. Seen the little heart flickering away. he said I would be about 7weeks along. Everything looked good, growin in the right place. Heart beating as it should. No reason for the bleeding. I think maybe I was pregnant with twins. Im sorry for your loss. I feel im lucky.


b__terfly - January 4

i'm happy to hear everyhting is alright...their is hope out there....Good luck with your pregnancy...


Sue - January 6

I'm eleven weeks pregnant and have started bleeding since yesterday. It is not heavy, but I'm really worried ( I'm 35). I've asked the doctor for some help or advice but he's said so far is to wait for a couple of days and if it persists then call. Do you think I should go to the A&E?


b__terfly - January 6

Hi there Sue...I would definaltely go to the Hospital...if your Doctor won't do anything...I have had 2 miscarriages in the past 6 months and they both started off as light bleeding...both times they did 2 HGC tests 48 hours apart and an ultrasound...at 11 weeks you would definatley hear a heart beat by ultrasoud...they say sometimes bleeding happens during pregnancy but i would make sure they find out why...i'm not trying to scare you but my first miscarriage happend at 12 weeks and i spotted very lightly for 3 weeks before I pa__sed the baby naturally....My prayers are with you and good luck...keep me posted...


kelly - January 9

i am goimg through the same thing at the moment i am nearly 12 weeks pregnant and have a bleeding on and of for 1 week when i first started it was bright red and gussing then went like a normal period i have had no pains or cramping but when i had a scan when i started to bleed the scan showed baby s heartbeat was strong doctors said i just have to wait and see what happens i have got another scan on wednesdy so hopefully it will show every thing is ok i hope every thing turns out well for you


kelly - January 11

ihave been bleeding on and of tor 7days i am 12+1 weeks i went for another scan today and at the moment every thing seems to be going ok so try not to worry to much i no that is easyer said than done but the doctor told me that worry and getting sressed will not do me or the baby any good so i am going to try to think posative if i can


b__terfly - January 11

I just got the resulalts from my ultrasound...they say everything has pa__sed...I can try again in a clouple months...wish me luck!...it's good to hear that your pregnancies are going well..Good luck!



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