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Help,Please - July 27

SOMEONE ANSWER ME!!...Okay so I got off my period, like you know that day when it like brown all day and by the night you're fine again, on the 5th. I had s_x {he used a condom} on the 6th, it didnt break. And then again just now on the 13th. Yesterday, on the 17 I got this brownish stuff for like 3 hours. I dont have any of the symptoms, but I had that 3 hour thing. Could I be pregnant? Or well, my best friend says that I could of had a miscarrige and should get checked because I could be bleeding internally. HELP.


Shelly - July 17

Im 16 and pregnent,iv heard sometimes when your pregnent you could have a brownish discharge, you might want to get a home test and see what it says and then you might want to go to your doctor or a doctor and ask about the brownish discharge


Chris - July 21

I would get a test to make sure you arent pregnant, but I would relax about the bleeding internally thing. You would know if you were bleeding internally.


Alice - July 22

Im 18 and two months pregnant.I wouldnt worry about it,really.Go and get a home test kit and see if you are or not.And then you can think what to do.But if you are really worried then go to the dr but i can reasure you that it wont be serious.This is my 2nd pregnancy and im still worrying about things.goodluck


tricia - July 22

no you are not pregnant it would be too soon to have already had the fertilized egg implant and then something go wrong and miscarry. Also just having your period end on the 5th you more than like did not ovulate until around the 16th or so and you have to ovulate to get pregnant. You said you used a condom and it didnt break so...Its normal to sometimes have that kind of discharge when its just a few days past when your period ended. odds are you are not pregnant but if it will make you feel better go get a test kit and use in the morning first thing when you wake up. Good Luck


Meg - July 23

I doubt you had a miscarriage if you are pregnant. If you did, there would be alot more blood and cramping and white clotting. I believe I just had a miscarriage, and it wasn't just brown discharge. Get a HPT and find out. God bless.


amanda - July 27

i am 2 months pregnant, and trust me, it sounds like your fine. dont worry. your most likely NOT pregnant. that same stuff use to happen to me when i wasnt pregnant and had my period. he probably did it too rough even though you didnt think it was. after me and my b/f had s_x several times before i was pregnant, i bled afterward, just cuz it was too rough for my body to handle, even though it didnt feel rough to me. so dont worry. ur not pregnant. especially if u say u used a condom and it didnt break.



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