Im 17 30 Weeks Preg Docs Say Something Is Wrong She Wont Live

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dymond - August 6

i was told that my baby girl's brain hasnt developed how it was suppose to and the doctors say she will more then likely die at birth or within 6 months. im only 17 and this is my first baby. the father isnt around cause he was upset with my desicion not to have an abortion when we first found out i was pregnant. i have alot of family support but i was wondering if theres anyone who has experinced anything of this sort that can help me. should i expect the worst or is there a possibilty that she could be better then the docs say. please email me at [email protected]


amber - June 22

have faith...put your baby in God's hands. Did they say why her brain hasnt developed right?


dymond - June 23

they said that the reason it hasnt developed correclty is due to unknown reason- that this happens in about one in every 10,000 babies and wasnt caused by anything i did or didnt do as well as the father. thanks for responding, and i have put her in God's hands and i love her more then anything and will love her more how ever God sends her to me.


amber - June 23

i am so sorry you have to go through such hard times. you and your baby are in my prayers. if you ever need to talk, you are more than welcome to e-mail me at [email protected] God Bless


dymond - June 24

thanks for everything, it really means alot.


lex - June 24

please keep positive and strong you never know the out come. Doctors aren't always right in fact most of the time they r wrong. ill be thinking of u. please keep us informed. i was 17 also when i had my son. remember keep strong for u and the little angel you r carrying.


amber - June 25

lex is right, DR's arent God, they dont know everything. They are mere humans just as we are and make mistakes too...


dymond - June 25

i really hope they are wrong. one thing that i guess is a good sign is that with the condition they say she has there is always something wrong with the heart as well as some type of deformation in arms, legs, or mouth but she has none of that what so ever. thank you for responding, i cant explain the comfort youve brought to me.


amber - June 29

She has none of that? well thats not just good news its great news. I bet everything will be just fine. Keep me posted.... stay strong, for her and for you.


Holly - June 29

You all are in my prayers! GOD BLESS YOU!!


dymond - June 30

she has absolutly nothing else wrong with her. they say she is as healthy as she could get( she actually weights alittle over average ) what it is that they say she has is called holoprosencephaly. i have faith that theyre wrong, and im really getting so excited about meeting her come sept. 2nd. my next ob appt. is july 6th, ill let you knwo how it goes. thanks for the support, i can explain how much its appreciated.


amber - July 2

i would be sure to think positive, i mean, feed off the news that nothing else is wrong, you still have time b4 you have her, maybe by then her brain development will improve.


dymond - July 5

well, i was wondering something...sinc the doctors think she may not live, they have said that theres no need to do any more ultrasounds- this was back in the end of may so i havent had another since...should i tell them i wish to have them still to make sure she is okay and nothing else has come up? if they say it pointless, should i change to another ob? i want to make sure shes okay. oh yeah, just to let you know i finally decided on a name...alexis marie!


amber - July 5

I would demand that an u/s be done. They should be watching the baby no matter what they "think". Yes, if they give you problems, find a OB that is willing to treat you and your baby better. If they give up now, what will they do when she is born? give up or try to fight to save her? if they give up now, then you know what they will do at the most important time


amber - July 5

by the way, the name is very pretty :)


Christine - July 6

I just wanted to let you know that your story has really touched me.... I am 16 wks right now and will be taking the blood test this week that will tell me if my baby is okay or not (needless to say I am very, very nervous). Your story has given me faith that no matter what they say, things can be okay and that as long as I stay strong and hopeful, I will be okay too. I wish nothing but the best for you and your little girl and have complete faith that you both will have a wonderful life together.


Ca__sie - July 7

Just wanted to say that I kind of agree with AMBER. How can they say there is no point, thats just careless. If anything they would be conforting you and trying to look at the outcome of it all. They should be discussing on treatments for the baby after birth if somthing is wrong. It really seems as if they don't care and I really believe that you should see a second apinion. You dont have to let them know about it, just do it to see if another doctor has a diffrent view. Those are beautiful names and she will be a beautiful baby.



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