Impalntation Bleeding Or Miscarriage

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Cool B - March 18

I am thirty, live in Africa (Zimbabwe), black. I am bleeding. It was brownish @ first but now its pinkish (Doesn't look like a normal period). The bleeding came 4 days before my normal period was scheduled to start. I also have pains below my abdomen, like period pains. I also feel some "burning" kind of pain on my back. I am worried. Could this be a miscarriage? I have two children and I have never experienced this as the two pregnancies have been normal.


ekay - March 18

Sounds like it could be implantation bleeding. But if it is, it shouldn't turn red, I don't think and should only last a few days.


Kat - March 18

Cool B, after having similar questions and then experiencing an m/c last week, I read a lot and talked to different people... It is clear to me now that bleeding and other symptoms like you are experiencing can be normal and sometimes go unexplained and then in some cases it does unfortunately end in an m/c. My suggestion is to call the doc or a midwife, esp if it gets worse, but it sounds like you are still very early and it may just mean waiting until you are a little further along. You could ask for an hcg test (or series of them to see if it is going up), but at this early point you might not want to because the hcg levels can vary so widely it could cause unnecessary worry. Try not to stress (easier said than done I know) because you don't want the negative stress hormones getting in your way... Just know that many women go on to have healthy babies after cramping and bleeding. Keep us posted and best to you...


sheree - March 26

im glad that i noticed EKAY's answer because im 6weeks pregnant and bleeding RED blood. last months period was a light brown period not like normal. but EKAY actually made me think that its prolly not implantation bleeding but as far as i know well actually i dont??



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