In Early Stages Can Tech Be Wrong About Low Heart Rate

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dizzypru - December 19

I am pregnant with my first baby. Last week, Thursday December 11, 2008, I had my first va___al ultrasound. I was 6 weeks 2 days pregnant. A stalk was visible and the tech said she could see a heartbeat but it was really hard to visualize (I couldn't see it, but my husband swears he could for a second). She measured the heartrate at only 81 bpm. Also, the baby measured just under 6 weeks, so it was around 5 days behind in growth from what they told me it should be at. Well, with everything I've read, I knew this was not really good news. I was scheduled for a followup ultrasound, which took place yesterday December 18, 2008. Yesterday I was 7 weeks 2 days pregnant. The baby measured 7 weeks 2 days (which means the little bugger grew around 10 days worth in 7 days). I could clearly see the heartbeat and it looked pretty fast. I'm laying there thinking we're going to have good news, but the tech said she measured the heartbeat at only 89 bpm. I was crushed. The doctor said there's still hope b/c the baby is clearly growing well and is obviously hanging on. Plus, the doctor said she'd never seen a baby grow like this with such a low heartrate?????? But that heartrate just doesn't make sense. I went home that night and tried to show my mom (who's a nurse) and my sister (also a nurse) my flicking my finger what the heartrate looked like to me as I was watching it. They measured it to be 127 bpm. When my husband got home I asked him to show them as well without my help or input so it wouldn't skew his memory. He indicated physically what the heartbeats had looked like to him and they measured it to be around 125 bpm which means we both basically saw the same thing. Now I'm set for a third ultrasound in two weeks, January 2, 2009. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.....Please help with some words of reason, whether good or bad...I can take it.


K - December 23

The baby seems to be growing well, so that is a really good sign. Plus, the heartrate was at least up a little bit the second time. One of my best friends was told around that same time period that her baby's heartbeat was low (lower than yours supposedly is) and that she should be prepared as the baby was not going to make it. That baby is almost three years old now and one of the cutest little boys around. Sounds like your tech was using the counting method to try to come to a number? There wasn't any high tech equipment actually counting? Maybe the tech was just really off?


K - December 23

Also, I looked it up and at 7 weeks a normal heartbeat is 90-110. It is at 8 weeks that it jumps up to well over a hundred, so if the tech was right, you are just barely under the normal range. I really doubt she was accurate enough to conclusively say it was 89 instead of 90 which would be in the normal range.


dizzypru - December 23

Thanks "K," you echoed what I was thinking, but it's so nice to hear it from another person...makes me think I might not be so crazy! :) I'll keep you posted. January 2nd is right around the corner - hopefully we'll have more concrete results. Thank you again.


dizzypru - June 17

Hey all, I meant to comment a lot sooner than this, but I did end up having a miscarriage. We found out on January 2, 2009 that there was no heart beat. I opted to take the medicine to expel the fetus. It was horrible - moreso emotionally than anything else. My husband and I are doing better with everything. The doctor said the miscarriage didn't appear to be caused by anything physical with me or him, so we shouldn't have problems in the future. We'll see. I think we're going to be ready to try again this September. I'll keep you posted.



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