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amberlee - May 24

alright, so i was diagnosed with incompetent cervix at 19 weeks, and i had a cerclage done (st_tch to keep the cervix closed) at 21 weeks. i am now 24 weeks and everything looks good. but i have to ask, have any of yu had a cerclage done and what should i expect in regards to labor & delivery, and for the rest of my pregnancy? any stories yu may have, hopfully success stories, will be much appreciated. :)


leeannep - June 4

Hi! I am now 16 1/2 weeks. I had cerclage at 14 weeks. I am unsure of how to answer your questions, but I also have cervical/uterine prolapse, which the cerclage doesn't fix. I had the cerclage due to my history with my previous pregnancy. Can my cervix open even with cerclage? My cervix prolapses out of me sometimes still, is this okay? I have a friend who knows someone who had cerclage with all 3 pregnancies and it was perfect! Any help would be apprecieated!


MrsWich - June 5

Amberlee.....I had a cerclage placed with my last pregnancy back in 1999. They plaed it at 19 weeks, kept me on bedrest the rest of the pregnancy and I had her 2 days before my due date. They took the st_tch out somewhere around 37 weeks. They say that you can go into labor right after its taken out or you can wait awhile. With me, I dialated to just 1 after they took it out and stayed that way for another 3 weeks. But it is different with everyone. But if they have you on bedrest.....DO IT!! Now I am 32 weeks pregnant and I didnt need the cerclage this time. So dont let anyone tell you that once you have one, you will always need one, cause im proof that thats not the case. Hope this helped!! Good Luck!


Lynne - June 7

The cerclage will be taken out close to term and you will go into labor on your own. I belong to the incompetent cervix support group on msn. You should check it out, its great and the ladies give a lot of wonderful support.



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