Incompetent Cervix Miscarriage

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*larna** - April 18

h__lo to all i suffered with an incompetent cervix during my first pregnancy. It ment that i went into labour at 20 weeks with no pain or symptoms at all cervix just started opening. i had a cervix st_tch put in and that stayed in until week 35 when i started labour for real. nurses warned me that i would go straight into labour but baby had other ideas and i stopped and had to go home where i put up with 1 weeks worth of going to and from the hospital with contractions only to have them stop again and be sent home. after 1 week i had had enough it was a thurs morning when i went in and said i have had enough get it out (i was very grumpy as i hadnt slept as i was in great pain with aspirin as a pain reliever) they then induced me only to be told at 9:15 pm that night that i had only diulated 5 cm and needed a ceserian ended up with baby gurl at 12:08 am friday morning. if you keep having miscarriages ask about this pregnancy complication as i was told not much is knowen about it any one out there with any info about it can u please inform me thanx


TD - April 21

I have incompetent cervix. I also lost my baby at 20 weeks. Cla__sic signs went into labor & delivered within 1 hour. I'm pregnant with a cerclage at 30 weeks. I've been on bedrest for 8 weeks now and will remain until I give birth. My doctor measures my cervix once a week. My baby is right on top of the st_tch, thats the only thing holding her inside. I'm so happy you had a healthy baby girl. I'm hoping to get to 36 weeks. Please let me know if any of you have any questions.


cynthia - April 23

a friend of mine had this and it sounds as though you are all getting good care. She gave birth at 6 months, because it wasn't caught until her water broke. Her child is fine, having received great neonatal care. It's great that your doctors caught this!


Kim - May 3

I found out I had an incompetent cervix with my 1st baby and ended up having a st_tch put in at week 23. I was on bed rest the remainder of the pregnancy and had a healthy baby girl at week 37 1/2. I'm now pregnant with my 2nd and we're doing the st_tch next week (at 12 1/2 weeks). My advice to anyone that has had this complication is to request a cerclage (the st_tch) early in your pregnancy to try to prevent a miscarriage. I thank God that my doctor was so cautious and was watching me after I started thinning out at week 14.


Pennie - May 4

Hi, I lost my first baby at 22 weeks due to an incompetent cervix. It is now 2 years later and I am pregnet again. I go in on the 16th to find out how far along I am and my doc thinks the st_tch will go in at the end of this month or begining of june. I have never had the chance to talk to anyone who has had this procedure done. I wonder how the whole putting the st_tch procedure in works? My doctor said that I would only be in the hospital for 4-6 hours, and then after that how often should I receive ultrasounds and how closely my doctor should be watching me? I want to have complete trust in my doctor but after the last run 2 years ago when I lost my baby- its hard to be completely trusting. I just want to know if I am getting the best care for my baby and me. Also how likely is it that I will be on bed rest after the st_tch and what decides if I need to go on bed rest? Thank you for any help anyone can give me and good luck everyone!



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