Incompotent Cervix

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Baby Jonas - July 30

I am 16 wks and I have an incompotent cervix. I recently came home from the hospital because of some heavy bleeding. The bleeding stopped and my dr found out that I have an incompotent cervix. I'm too far along to get a cerclage because there is a high risk for infection. My dr doesn't expect me to make it passed my 24th wk without the there anything that I could do to possibly keep me from having my baby before I carry it to term?


tina - July 31

where do you live? call around until you can get a high-risk doctor. i'm so angry for you that your doctor won't give you a st_tch. my doctor told me that i could have the st_tch put in up until 26 weeks. i, too, am worried about my cervix thinning out before carrying the baby till full term. did your doctor put you on strict bedrest? you might be able to have the st_tch put in and then stay in the hospital to be monitered for infection. find another doctor asap. it breaks my heart to know that you may lose your baby and your doctor won't do anything to help you. thinks can definitely be done but you need to possibly go to a bigger city and find a high-risk doctor.


Mom - July 31

I agree, try to find another doctor. I'm trying to do that myself, mine isn't very proactive. It really upsets me how some doctors act so casual about it. It's a life.


Baby Jonas - August 1

I live in Atlanta...I should be able to find a high-risk dr.Yes...I am on bedrest for the rest of my pregnancy. That's what she thought was best at this point. I don't mind staying in bed all day. But if there's some kind of extra protection that would rea__sure my husband and I a healthy baby on January 15, 2006, then I'll do whatever it takes.


missy - August 10

I was placed in the hospital with my first baby at 23 weeks because of incompetent cervix. I was not able to get a cerclage with him, not because I was to far along in my pregnancy, but because I was to far along in terms of my cervix being to thinned out. I too would suggest finding a high risk doctor, but there may be other factors besides how far along you are that determine if you are eligible for a cerclage or not. By the way, I was told from the day I went into the hospital that I was going to have my baby within a few days, but I ended up not delivering him until I was 39 weeks, and that was without a cerclage being placed, just very strict bedrest.



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