Infertility Journey

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sali121 - June 26

Hello, everyone. I'm too much happy now. I am going to become a mother. Seriously it is a moment of joy and happiness in my life. I had faced the curse of infertility for about 7 years. But now this dark age is going to be finished in an hour. The surrogate mother is in the room now. I'm very excited about this. I have no words to show my happiness and excitement.


monikadavid - June 28

Hey, this must be so exciting! I am so happy for you. Finally, after 7 years things are working for you. Its all about having faith in the system. Surrogacy has proven to be such an amazing process for so many people. So many infertile couples are finally able to have children because of it. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Do keep us updated.


scarlett9999 - June 28

hey. oh, my god. I'm so excited. this is such a great news. many many happy returns of the day. finally. hope the delivery gets smooth. lots of love to the family. much strength to you. it is such a blessing I must say. surrogate moms are doing such a selfless job. baring all the pain just to give you happiness. take care loads. keep me updated. congratulations mommy.


Isla28 - June 28

Hi, Congratulations. I am so happy for you. This is so exciting. I can understand your feelings. Being mother is really awesome. Motherhood is a blessing. Every woman wishes for a perfect family. I have a baby through surrogacy. I was infertile. I had fatigue injury. I was trying to conceive. My family was not accepting me. But my husband was with me all the time. We both wanted a baby badly. Then we went to Europe for the suggested clinic. I am now blessed with a baby. Best of luck.


Anisa28 - June 28

Hey. Infertility is such a pathetic situation. I can understand. but, U have taken a good decision of choosing Surrogacy. I hope it works out for you. Surrogacy is less painful as compared to other procedures. It is also less expensive than others. By Surrogacy, you will have your own biological baby. I had 3 miscarriages due to uterine polyps disease which left me infertile. I was really upset. Then one of my friends suggested me Surrogacy. I went for Surrogacy in Europe. Now, I have a baby girl. I am blessed to have her. It's just because of Surrogacy. I hope it works out for u too. Stay blessed.


Esther65 - June 28

Hey there. Congratulations! I am so happy that you are going to be a mother. Being a mother I can feel your feelings of joy. Children are a gift. I am also an infertile person. After facing 5 years period of infertility, I had opted for surrogacy. I had blessed with twins through surrogacy. Surrogacy is such a blessing for every infertile. Wish you a good luck for your future.


flora12 - June 28

Hello there! This is great news, dear. You must be so excited about this. Congratulations to you! Staying positive and patient does pay off good. You never lost hope and today you're getting the benefit of it. I'm so happy for you. Lots of love. 


tressalee - June 30

hi. I am really happy for you. This is really a great news. Indeed surrogacy is a blessing. It is a source of happiness for infertile couples. Enjoy your day. this is a very special day for you. Hope that everything will be fine. Good luck.


flora12 - July 9

This is great news, dear. You must be so happy right now. You've been through a very tough time in your life. You deserve this happiness, honestly. Many many heartiest Congratulations to you! I wish you live a very happy life with your family. Best wishes to you! 


marySmith - July 9

Hello. Hope you are doing well. Many congratulations to you. I am glad you achieved what you wanted. Surrogacy is a great procedure. Stay happy ahead. Always keep your hopes high. I wish you all the best. 


Kerrshay - July 11

Very excited for you! Wishing you and your partner and surrogate all the very best on this journey.


Esther65 - July 12

Hello there! Its seems like you are delighted. I am so happy to hear that you are going to be a mother. Surrogacy is a blessing indeed. I am also an infertile lady. I had been TTC since my marriage but had no luck. I didn't conceive even a once. I was lost all my hope of being a mother. Then I came to know about surrogacy. I opted for it and went to Ukraine. Here I found a reputable clinic in Kiev, where I have been provided with great facilities. They also took a great care of surrogate. Now I am happy to tell you that I am a mother of a baby boy. It was a great journey. Thanks for sharing your story here. Stay blessed.


Sasha1513 - August 3

I am also infertile. But my husband is supporting me at every stage. After many years of TTC. We hadn't any luck. So we went for checkups but there was no issue between us. We were worried. Further we went for more tests but same negative results. Doctors can't even tell the reason behind my infertility. I was worried. But my husband supported me. He said we can go for some other procedure to have a baby. I started looking for other methods like IVF and IUI. But both didn't worked for me. So at the end we end up in choosing surrogacy. Surrogacy is successful for many people. I hope it will be for me too. We have contacted a clinic too but the clinic didn't replied. I contacted the clinic again and again. But the clinic didn't replied for a single time. This is a very bad clinic. Good luck everyone.


AmeliaPark - August 7

Hello honey! Thank you so much for such a helpful post. I'm a woman who has struggled with three marriages. I'm not infertile but my doctor told me that if I try conceiving again, it could cost me my life. I've been in therapy for a long time. I am so glad that strong women like us share our experiences in such forums. My husband and I gave IVF a shot but it didn't work out. I was registered with Lotus in Ukraine. They didn't treat me the way I wanted them to. I believe the satisfaction of patients comes first no matter what. With a doctor that is always in a rush to check other patients and doesn't give you enough time it doesn't help. I hope no one else gets to experience such unprofessionalism. I think this forum is a great place to guide other women like us. This forum is a great help for women that have a lot of question. Or the ones that have just started to get into the process of either conception or surrogacy. I am on the right path now, I hope everyone else gets the clarity that they are looking for as well.


M Ella - August 18

hello dear, an exciting news. motherhood is really a great happiness. I'm understanding your joy. life is really become easy when you achieve something. many clinics are giving this joy to the couples. a clinic is also working great for this purpose. its services are extraordinary good. God bless you and your newborn a complete happy family life.


M Ella - August 18

Hi, I’m understanding your problem. It is the thinkable thing that you are not getting your period for minimum 2 months. It is a dangerous sign. I have a friend, her sister in law had a problem same as that. She observes that she is pregnant. But actually, her periods were stopped for 2 months. Suddenly it starts bleeding. So I suggest you go for a medical check-up. It is usually a normal disorder in your cycle. There is a clinic in our city you must try to contact them. They have experts. They can advise bitterly. They have the world-class treatments and facilities.


Anisa28 - August 18

Hey! I am really happy for you. It is a great blessing for a woman to have babies. Every woman wishes to have babies of their own nature but sometimes it is not in luck. I was one of them. I had Uterine polyps disease and then I came to know that I am facing infertility. I was so upset that I thought that I can never be a mother. One of my friends suggested that you should go for surrogacy. I discussed with my husband. We both were agreed because we really wished to become parents. We went to the suggested clinic in Europe. We told them our complications on Email. So we went there and they already found a surrogate for us. She was matched with our requirements. I was happy with all the things that were going on. She gave birth to a baby girl that belonged genetically to me. I never thought of becoming a mother but Surrogacy gave me a hope. I wish you become a mother soon. Good luck to you.



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