Initial Low HCG Successful Pregnancy

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diventare8 - January 16

Hi, This is my first pregnancy, and am a bit confused and scared. Here's my situation: - 11/17/07- LMP- normally 32-34 day cycle - 1/4/08- First positive HPT - 1/4/08- Have blood test- HCG at 22. Doctor told me # is way too low and I probably miscarried. 1/6/08-1/7/08- mild cramping with light pink discharge - 1/7/08- go to a different doctor for second opinion and address discharge. Does u/s; no baby seen. Believe I am at 4 weeks based on uterine lining. Blood test shows HCG levels at 122. - 1/10/08- HCG level at 367 I have been having sore br___ts and very fatigue, and strong sense of hunger, until yesterday. Still a bit tired, but not as much. Woke up this morning and lost my appet_te. Feel a bit queasy all day. I have had mild cramps, like AF will begin for the last 2 days. According to LMP, I should be at around 8 weeks. So HCGs are low for that far along. I could have implanted/ovulated late (maybe both?!!). Has anyone had a similar experience and still have a successful pregnancy? Any thoughts?


casper3733 - January 21

Although I can't actually answer your question, I can respond. I started having pregnancy symptoms that I actually noticed only two weeks ago. Tons of fetal movement, lower backache, bloated, well, uterus actually seems to be high and growing. All urine tests still show negative. I had a blood test this past Saturday and today they tell me my HCG level is only two. Only TWO!! This baby is still moving around and obviously viable. I am still getting bigger around the middle, clothes very tight, b___sts enlarging. With this fetal movement, I have t be oast my first trimester. I have an 8 year old and a ten year old so I know what pregnancy feels like. I have had endometriosos for as long as I can remember so there is a chance of ectopic pregnancy I am told. I am going to the doctor tomorrow for further tests, ultra sound, etc.....could the fetus have implanted in my abdomen instead of my uterus? Is taht why the baby is moving all over the place? I have had no luck with urine tests during my two pther successful pregnancies, and scattered HCG levels with the blood tests. Could this pregnancy be just as normal as my others? Am I worrying for no reason? I am losing my mind tonight!


Kayla32 - January 22

Hi Diventare8, I think you are still pregnant, your numbers are doubling fine, I have heard of stories where Docs did not find anything on Ultrasound, but the baby was there, it is way to early, do not let them do you anything silly, congrats


Kayla32 - January 22

Hi Casper, I am going through the samething as you, and all my tests are neg, my last period was Aug 1 2007, tons of movement, big belly, am thinking abdominal pregnancy too, girl lets keep in touch, my email is babyflex4u1 at


Kayla32 - January 23

Hi ladies am bumping this post


tdo - January 23

diventare8, My first pos HPT was on the 1/4 too. I believe you would only be 6 weeks according to you LMP?? I had my first u/s on jan 18th. Nothing was seen. They suspected an ectopic. Repeated u/s on the 21st and a small gestational sac was seen in uterus. My #s are rising but certainly not doubling. Perhaps, its just a bit early on in your pregnancy to see anything. When is your next u/s?


diventare8 - January 23

Hi TDO- well, I had some spotting and cramps on 1/18. Doctor had me do another blood test. Turns out my HCGs were at 2613 (which is good). Since they were above 1500, she did an ultrasound and see a gestational sac that she believes measures about 4-5 weeks. I am still having the cramping, but she told me not to worry. What are your HCGs? Some women take a while to start doubling. Maybe you're not as far along as you thought? Have you had your HCGs checked lately? They must be above 1500, if the doc was able to see a gestational sac on an ultrasound. Best of luck.


diventare8 - February 18

Thanks to all that responded. I miscarried yesterday. Prior to miscarrying I had seen the fetus' heart beat 3 times on the ultrasound, and had watched it grow. I was 9 weeks along. I had recently been diagnosed with placenta previa. I guess this kind of thing happens. Again, thanks to all.


unknown2008 - March 24

Hi, i am simaliar in the same situtation regarding complication during pregnancy i am 6 weeks and my hcg levels went 329,702,820,759 and my progestrone level went from 26,13.3,9.9,2.5. i have cramping and bleeding. my doctors tell me that i will mostly likely miscarry within the next 24 hours. i am awaiting results of my other results some time today. is there any one else going through the same thing or that can give me some advice?


Ms.Tina - June 15

Well I'm currently 5 wks and 6 days I had HCG levels tested on 6/7 they were 5838 and again on 6/9 they were 7893 and also tested on 6/12 and were 10,997.. I was told by my Dr that this was highly suggesting to be an Abnormal pregnancy becuz my levels are not doubling. I am so confused and have been stressing myself out to death like what does that mean becuz I feel absolutely fine! I have No cramping and No bleeding so why would she say that?? I had 1st US done on 6/12 and out showed a sac inside my uterus along with the cyst you get on your ovary when your pregnant. But she wants me to come back on 6/20 for another US but, I think I'm going to find another Dr and get a 2nd opinion... this has to be my rainbow baby after my miscarriage I suffered in Jan 2016



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