Is Castor Oil Safe Help

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m - September 5

is castor oil safe? Does anyone know any websites so I can read up on it?? i would really appreciate it I am dialated to 1cm and 50 % effaced and I was wondering if I drank about a tablespoon of it, if it would throw me in labor?? I am desperate for anything to throw myself in to labor.. Does anyone know of any other oils or something else I can take..of course something that won't harm the baby..thanks


k - August 17

i was told today to try olive oil i have taken castrol with my other two kids i am on my 4th baby right now and i took it with my third but i was to early i know that if you are already starting to dialate and you are ripe you will be able to do castrol and somewhere between 4 hours and 24 hours you should be in active labor i know that does not work with everyone if you want to do a search on google you can look it up there...i know there is alot on it when you search google Good luck


SaRaH - August 26

I drank that horrible c___p 2 times and i will tell you this you better plan to stay in the bathroom for hours. I was soooooooooooooooooooo sick out one end then the next back to back.!!! it is horrible!!!!


Shannon - August 31

My best friend took 1 tsp and had her baby the next must work.


Debbie - September 3

do a "google" search and type in "castor oil" and "induce labor". you will find both good and bad stories. i will tell you - DON'T risk it. after i took it i was in severe pain and in the bathroom c___pping my guts out. no contractions at all! AND i read on a website that it can cause mecconium secretion in the baby which scared the hell out of me. just my opinion.


Jennifer - September 5

no it is not safe, it make syou go #2 so when you deliver you might #2 and the baby also have swollewd it. try having s_x even walking around helps


Marie - September 30

no no no. Don't try this stuff at all! It does work for some, but the cons out way the pros by far! Consider THREE days of gas, pooping, throwing up, and headaches!! And still, no baby. It isn't worth it! Trust me!! A friend of mine has three kids and swears by it. I'd rather wait! And i am still waiting!!


angel - October 1

i just tried it with pepsi, so im just waitin to see........



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