Is It OK To Fly While You Re 35 Weeks Pregnant

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Pregnant an wanting to fly. - November 10

On a spur of the moment decision I purchased some non-refundable tickets to fly from Florida to North Carolina (with a pit stop in Georgia - it's not even a direct flight!). At the time of the purchase I didn't realize that at the time of the flight I would be 34 (going on 35) weeks pregnant! Now I'm afraid of going on the flight. But my husband & I really, really want to go on this trip. What do you guys suggest? What do you think could be the risks of flying so far along in your pregnancy? The airline has no policy regarding this, so that won't be a problem. And please, don't suggest to me that I ask my doctor, because I did already but he said he would not recommend it. However, a few weeks ago a co-worker of mine, who is also pregnant asked him the same question (she was flying from Florida to Indiana) and he was totally up for it! He even told her that the baby would not notice if she was in a plane or a submarine! I think what he's afraid of with me is that the flight can trigger an early labor. What's a pregnant girl to do!!! Please help!


kad - November 10

hi, i know how u feel i bought 2 tickets for me and hubby to fly to the uk we live in ireland so thats only a 45 min flight, i was 25 weeks pregnant at the time but when i told my friend whos a nurse she told me not to go without talking to doc as there is a risk ur waters might break due to the pressure, well i talked to doctor and he said no way would he allow me, i was so disappointed that i called the airlines and asked if they allowed pregnant women on flights , and they told me not after 24 weeks as the risk of early labour is to great, so i can imagen u must be very upset HTH good luck


Michelle - November 10

I flew for work on a 55 minute flight when I was 32 weeks pregnant and I didnt have any problems but when my Dr found out, she flipped and said that I was lucky nothing happened. If I would have known how against it she was, I would have never taken the risk.



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