Is Mild Cramping In Abdomen During The First Trimester And Not In Just One Place And Lower Back Pain Normal

350 Replies - September 13

I experienced very severe stomach cramps recently but have had lower back pain for over two weeks now which is when we stopped taking precautions. Is the lower back ache possible from the first week itself and is it normal or a sign of future miscarraige. Also, there was no bleeding with the stomach cramps.


Daniela - April 7

I found this on another site: It's not unusual to experience period-like cramping (but without any accompanying bleeding) around the time your first menstrual period is due. The cramping is caused by the hormonal changes of early pregnancy and your body's response to the stretching of the uterine muscle, and is considered harmless unless it's accompanied by heavy bleeding (a possible symptom of miscarriage) or a sharp pain on one side of your abdomen (a possible sign of an ectopic pregnancy). Note: Severe abdominal pain can also be caused by appendicitis, a gallbladder attack, the stretching of adhesions from previous abdominal surgery, or preterm labour, so it's important to get in touch with your caregiver immediately if the pain you're experiencing is severe or long-lasting. - May 6

I am only about 5 weeks pregnant and I have had cramping like I am about to go to the bathroom or like I am on my period. I have no bleeding but the cramps are really low like were my ovaries are. It's a strange feeling. It doesn't really hurt it just feels like light cramping. It's nice to know this is normal and not to be scared.


tracy - May 12

I am 6 weeks along, and I seem to be having the ssme cramps mostly in lower back. I seem to also have a brownish discharge that has been for 4 days. I am not sure if this is normal? But I hope we can get through this with a good outcome!:)


wendy - May 25

I am about 5weeks prenant and I have also had period like cramping. It feels like my period is about to come or I have to go to the bathroom. I also have no bleeding. I am happy to know this is a normal feeling in early pregnancy I was really worried.


Erica - May 25

I am also 5 weeks pregnant and have been having period like cramps for about two weeks. It is rea__suring to know I am not alone. I was also starting to worry.


Heather - May 26

I am also about 4 1/2 weeks, and am soooo happy t hear that I am not alone in this.


Holly - May 26

I am 4 weeks possible pregnant. Had intorcorse on day 13 (wedding aniversery, Opps!) have not had signs of period but cramping alot which is unusual without my period. Looking for info on that. Seems you all had that cramping too! Congrats to you all.


rhennequin@optus net - May 27

I was due for my period on 22nd, had pink discharge on around the time that it was due.Still no sign of period except for lower back pain and light cramoing occasionally. When I was pregnant for my son(5mths old)I had all of my usual period signs including cramps and pink discharge but my period never eventuated and the pgncy test was pos.


aimee - May 27

I am 12 weeks and I have had cramping since very early on. I kept thinking that I might start my period, but it never came. On my US everything was great, I think it is just normal. I too have read in several places that it is very normal - and that around the time of your first period you could even spot a little - however, if any bleeding did occur I would call my dr. immediately. Otherwise, I am sure you are fine. Good Luck!


Nyleen - May 28

I'm about 2 months along. I have the brown discharge as well earlier off which is actually old blood after conception and that's just your body's' way of getting rid of it. The cramping that feels like menstrual cramps actually is. Your period is a "play" on pregnancy only there is no conception so your egg is disposed of, hence the bleeding. But when pregnant, the cramping indicates that there is actual change going on. Cramping in the lower right or left areas that feel like your ovaries are screaming at you usually is a nerve spasm. If it persists or gets unbearable, then it may be more serious. - June 11

I had a miscarriage in early January and am now 7 weeks pregnant. I am currently experiencing almost continuous lower back cramping and for the last 2 days I have had a light pinkish discharge. I, too, am happy to hear that this does happen to others. I hope that some of you can find comfort in knowing that the symptoms of my miscarriage were very different from what is happening now.


Elizabeth - June 12

Oh, this is such a comfort for me to find this website. I've been having a mild ache in my stomach and once today when I went to the bathroom I had a brown discharge. I'm 7 weeks pregnant and I'm so scared I'm having a miscarriage. Seeing everyones comments really makes me feel better.


Malena - June 14

Well I just got back from the ER and they had me scared to where I was crying so hard. I, too have been having "period like cramps". They told me to come into the ER right away and then did blood work and a sono on me. Well they said since I am only 5 weeks and 6 days I am too early to see anything and that my hcg level is 7842.8 right now, and I may or may not go up. And if I don't then I will have a miscarriage. They made it sound like this doesn't ever happen and it's bad when it does. But reading everyone's post...I see that the doctors were just scaring the sh*t out of me! But thank you again for saying that it has happened to you as well. I feel much much better!


Diana - June 15

I am also experiencing mild cramps and low back aches. I don't, however have the light pink spotting some have mentioned. I have read though, that there can be slight bleeding due to implantation. I also know someone who just had her baby after she actually bled heavily during the majority of her pregnancy.


depetty - June 20

Ya'll don't know how much better I feel having read your responses. This is my first pregnancy and I am about 5 weeks along and have been experiencing mild cramping for 5 days or so. I haven't had any discharge or bleeding, but I have had some lower back pain. I am glad to hear this isn't unusual!


JLM - June 20

My husband and I just started trying about a month ago and I am about 5 days late. I am so glad to have read all of these responses. I have no idea what is going on with my body! I feel crampy like Im going to get my period but everyday pa__ses w/out one. Im excited but I dont want to get my hopes up too soon. Hopefully the cramps/lower back pain does mean Im pregnant! Good luck to everyone.



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