Is Mild Cramping In Abdomen During The First Trimester And Not In Just One Place And Lower Back Pain Normal

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JLM - June 20

My husband and I just started trying about a month ago and I am about 5 days late. I am so glad to have read all of these responses. I have no idea what is going on with my body! I feel crampy like Im going to get my period but everyday pa__ses w/out one. Im excited but I dont want to get my hopes up too soon. Hopefully the cramps/lower back pain does mean Im pregnant! Good luck to everyone.


Ruth - June 24

I am 8 weeks preganant confirmed by 3 tests! I have been getting period like cramps for over 3 weeks now, no coloured discharge and no real pain, just uncomfortable. It's nice to know this is normal, have been thinking all sorts of worrying thoughts!


Helen - June 24

I am experiencing the same back ache and lower abdominal pain and worrying about it. It's a relief to see all these responses, as it gives me hope that this is a normal early pregnancy occurence. Thanks and good luck to everyone.


amber - June 25

i am 10 weeks and have had cramping (slight) off and on, as well as some lower back pain when i am up and about too much for too long of a time... try laying down with a pillow under your lower back, and prop your legs up... the pillow helps the back pain and the other pillows help the cramps with the legs proped up.


karensuz - June 26

I am 5 wks pregnant. This is my 3rd pregnancy. The last 2 I miscarried at 6 1/2 weeks. The 1st time I had spotting, then lower back pain. The 2nd time I had back pain early on and didn't spot until I started to miscarry. This time I am experiencing back pain again. :( My HCG levels are rising normally so far and my doc put me on prometrium (progesterone) to make me feel better, as I'm naturally quite concerned. My back is still aching, so I'm expecting the worst. I'll let you know how it goes...


Myra - June 28

I am 11 weeks pregnant and have constant abdominal pains which causes discomfort. I hope this is normal? Could anyone let me know if this is normal? I am so scared


dawn marie - June 28

I'm about 5 weeks and experiencing lower back pain, light cramps, and a little discolored discharge. I just miscarried in March so, naturally, I'm really nervous. Its so amazing how cautious I am with the things I do to try to prevent another miscarriage. I now realize that we are all in the same boat...what a crazy time of our lives, huh?!


JT - June 28

my period is not due until the 30th and i am experiencing a little cramping and a slight bleeding -- could this be my period? my b___st were sore and tender last friday and had a little bit of b___st discharge for the last 2 days ( i squeezed them out just to check). i have been trying to get pregnant for the last 2 months...


hanan - June 30

I have been experiencing mild cramping, at some point it hurts a fair bit, for the last week. 4 days ago I did a pregnancy test and it was positive! I am glad to hear the cramping is quite normal! I hope all goes well with all of you!


heather - June 30

i'm about 4 weeks pregnant and have been having moderate to severe cramping, like menstrual pain, for the past 4 days. i've got a doctor's appointment in 2 days, but is this much pain really normal?


Maria Colebrook - July 1

I think I am pregnant, I have p__sed my period and (think I am 4 weeks)and I having cramps and a pain lower side of back (right side)with very little dark brown discharge. Is that normal?, seems like it is.


Nikki - July 2

I am thinking that this is normal. if it's not we all need to go back to the doctor!! I am 7 weeks pregnant now and I am spotting brownish blood, which the doctor said is considered OLD BLOOD. NOW I'm having slight cramps in the bottom of my abdomen. I am really unsure if this is normal, I am a little curious as to what is going on. Anyone know's and is sure that this is a normal thing to happen?


shasta amin - July 3

hi iam 9 weeks preganant and have consipation.also sometime i get some stomach pain,iwanted to know why is this.i have 2 normal children age 5 and 3 with both normal birth and had 1 miscarrige before having the two.also my wind is not pa__sing so much.feeling tired


Kaz - July 7

Hi everyone. I've had sore nipples and tender b___sts for 10 days now since I ovulated. They are feeling better now but still abit tender. I'm also experiencing period cramps but I'm not moody with it like I normally am - gone off tea (could be psychological as we are so desperate to have a baby). Tired on and off but nothing compared to when I was pregnant my daughter - 11 years ago!! Did one pregnancy test that had a very faint second line but when I did another one today there was nothing. Have now had a blood test done and should get result tomorrow - nervous? Yep!!! Can anyone help if the symptoms above are 'normal' for very early pregnancy? Thanks.


t - July 7

I am about 6 weeks pregnant. I am having period like bleeding, pa__sing of tissue, and severe cramps. I this a miscarriage?


Beth - July 8

t, you need to get yourself to the hospital right away. Good luck, and I hope that you're alright.



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