Is Mild Cramping In Abdomen During The First Trimester And Not In Just One Place And Lower Back Pain Normal

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Meggie - July 28

Just an update: I went to the doctor yesterday after having had cramping and spotting for several weeks (see previous post). I am now 7 weeks pregnant. We saw a healthy little yolk sac and embryo and even a beating heart! It's been an emotional past couple of weeks, not knowing what was going to come of all this. Granted, something could still happen, but this is very positive news! Especially considering the bleeding and cramping involved. My spotting has since stopped, but it did last for a good 10 days. My cramping is very minimal now, but I still feel it occasionally. There is always hope!!


Jennifer1 - July 28

I had cramping my whole first trimester along with bleeding and everything was fine. Alot of the pregnancy symptoms are the sames as m/c symptoms. Everything will be fine. Just pray about it!


firsttimemommy16 - August 1

Hi everyone, Im 4 weeks and 1 day and I have too been experiencing lower back pains and mild cramping in my lower left stomach near my ovary..I was begining to think that Its was my period but doubting it...I am so happy to find the site..It reasures me alot.


suzmat - August 8

I am 19 weeks and have had cramping since week 5 I used to panic I don't anymore got stabbing down below as well had 16 week scan think little one is a girl and she is fine do not worry you will only stress you and baby out good luck to you all x


Bailey2786 - August 8

I have had back pain since day one my doctor said its normal..


Meggie - August 18

Hello...I am STILL having consistent cramping (mostly on my left side, and it's pretty much been there from Day #1) and I am 10 weeks pregnant! We even heard the heartbeat this week, so everything is progressing normally. Cramping doesn't always mean something bad--your body has a lot of things to do down there! :) However, if the cramping is severe or really worrisome to you, don't hesitate to call your doctor.


[email protected] - August 21

im 19 and 5wks pregnant...ive been having the kinda cramping yall are talkin about so im not to stressed about that what i am stressed out about is yesterday i went to the restroom and when i wiped there was a little blood not a lot and not dark it was very lite i talk'd to my mom and she said that alls i need to do is lay down and rest *ive been stressed alot lately* well it stoped a little bit after i talked to her. but today i went to the restroom and i started spotting again...and it only happens when i go to the restroom. my mom says i shouldnt worry about it but i think i should...oh and i havent had my cramps all day just earlier today now there gone....


Bailey2786 - August 21

spotting is not always a bad sign.... ( even though most people think so) alot of women spot ( and sometimes bleed) in PG! you are only 5 weeks so it is very possiable that it could be implataion ( sp) bleeding! If i were you I would make an appt with my OB when you are about 6 1/2 weeks then they can usually see the hb! try not to worry, I am 15 weeks and have spotted (red pink brown) my whole PG! IT IS SCARY! but thats just how some peoples bodies work! good luck to you!


Meggie - August 23

Light spotting around the 5-6 week point is not uncommon and can sometimes be attributed to implantation bleeding. Unless it's heavy bleeding or a__sociated with cramps, I would try not to worry too much.


msquej - November 29

I am 7 weeks pregnant and excited to be a first time mom... I was having mild cramps in my lower abdomen and I was really worried, so much so that I'm surfing the web 3:46am to see if this is normal.... It's really great to hear that others are going through the same and it doesnt have to mean miscarriage.... I pray for you all, to have a blessed and healthy prgnancy, labor and baby... :)


ashleigh - December 31

im 9 weeks pregnant and i still get cramps in such..its really long as not sevre or persistant..and back pains are like exxtremly normal..i didntget them in the first week..but its defintly not a sign of misscarriage..ppl get back pains really earlyin pregnancy


jen327 - January 1

I know I freak out with every twing. Last night I had a sharp pain in my side, off and all for hours. It was kinda freakin me out a bit. But I went to the bathroom (BM sorry TMI I know) but it was gone after that. Our bodies are just growing and shifting and moving so we feel it.


Gigi1985 - March 4

Im almost 7 weeks and I also have been getting these cramp like feelings it's kinda scary.


Hrt for Christ - March 16

I have read many of these posts having m/c 5 months ago. I am now 7 weeks pregnant and I want to encourage all to RELAX. A bit of blood or bleeding can be normal in the first trimester. Do not go running to your phone or to the docs at the sight; they can do nothing for this. I just had a bleed 2 days ago that would have sent women running to the doc, but it did not continue and I steel feel pregnant! Your body is built to carry when it is good and not hold onto it when it is not developing. Take a deep breath, you do not need medical intervention at this point. Your body will tell you- if you are bleeding clots and cramping, you are miscarrying, if it is a bit of blood, and you stop or don't clot, then you are okay. Your doc cannot do anything to prevent the miscarry, so relax and allow your body to do what it was built to do naturally. God designed it, and it works!


kltong - April 10

I have had lower abdominal cramps just like a period, not quite as strong off and on and I am 5w 3d pregnant. I had an US and they saw the fetal sac and fetal pole, possibly a heartbeat, but I have to go back next week to confirm that. I have hormone levels of I think 2600, and no bleeding, but the cramping, even though it is mild makes me worry I am MC. Is this normal??? I don't want to worry so much, but I am....


AllieP. - May 19

I'm about 5wks pregnant with a lot of lower back ache, not cramping though and no spotting so I'm taking that as a good sign. My first HCG test levels were around 375 and two days later they went up to 750 so I feel encouraged and the doctor said the numbers coorrespond to an early pregancy. I'm trying to stay postive but it's so hard when my lower back hurts so much. I know our bodies are going through this change and making room for a baby but has anyone experieced lower back aches and gone on to have a beautiful healthy baby? I can't help being a little scared. I go back on Monday for another blood test to see if my levels have raised and on Tueday for an ultrasound. Please pray for me. I already feel attached to this baby.



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