Is Mild Cramping In Abdomen During The First Trimester And Not In Just One Place And Lower Back Pain Normal

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AllieP. - May 19

I'm about 5wks pregnant with a lot of lower back ache, not cramping though and no spotting so I'm taking that as a good sign. My first HCG test levels were around 375 and two days later they went up to 750 so I feel encouraged and the doctor said the numbers coorrespond to an early pregancy. I'm trying to stay postive but it's so hard when my lower back hurts so much. I know our bodies are going through this change and making room for a baby but has anyone experieced lower back aches and gone on to have a beautiful healthy baby? I can't help being a little scared. I go back on Monday for another blood test to see if my levels have raised and on Tueday for an ultrasound. Please pray for me. I already feel attached to this baby.


LunaStar - May 19

I am possibly 4 weeks prgnant and have been having these light cramps for two weeks now. I was starting to worry!! I am nauteous everyday in the early afternoon, I have the blue veins showing on my b___sts that have never been there before and I have to urinate every 15 minutes it seems like. I have had a test to make sure it wasn't a bladder infection or UTI. I am also very tired. But my cramping is also around my v____al area. Has anyone else had this?


nazm - July 12

hi all i dunno if its comforting to know or not since we're all still in the early phase of pregnancy. I'm in my 11th week with lower back aches ... and i miscarried early this year too . have been having ti since then. but this time i feel feverish on n off and ive been keeping a track.. it ranges from 98.7 to sometimes 99.2 .. anyone else having fever chills ?? i dont have any spotting or abdomnal cramps. please help


joy28 - July 27

I ditto the " Thank Goodness for this site" comment. I'm almost 5 weeks and the low, central cramps have been worrying me. I'm so relieved to hear other have experienced this with no problems!


cynthiaparks - August 9

i had a miscarraige in march 2007 and a d/c in may 2007 i am 5 days late for my cycle and i am experiencing mild cramping/lower back pain,,i pray to God I am pregant


j0wen - September 8

i am 7wks preg to the day. went to my dr b/c of pain in abdominal area and bright spotting that lasted only one day last weekend. my dr did hcg tests, first was 1167 and two days later was only 1418, my levels are too low to do ultrasound. yesterday dr told me this was very low and told me to expect to possibly m/c this weekend and advised me the only hope was if my levels jump to 2800 by monday when hcg is to be retested. now today i am having same symptoms as last weekend. cramping and bright spotting. i am hopeful it will go away and possibly my levels will become normal. but with this pain i am beginning to think m/c is inevitable.


Kayy - December 9

HElP ! idk if i am pregnant. i've been having cramping,peeing alot, lower back pains, wierd dreams, really tierd for no reason ext. but im also bleeding on time when my period is sapost to start.i called my doctor and he said that theres still a chance i could be pregnant.! what do you thinkk !?


Cla__s10 - December 11

I had unprotected s_x between the date of 11/12/08 and 11/24/08.. Several times. I was or atleast thought that my period shud come on Nov 27 or atleast by Dec 3. It has come on neither of those dates. today is Dec 11. I am 2 wks past the guess for the first date of my period. And this coming tuesday. The past 2 days i have had cramping like i have to pee and am holding it t and it gets worse when i have to pee. I have missed my period by a few days now and with this crmping i feel like i have to pee more. and maybe a little tmore tired? I have a dr appt next thurs at the preg center... Am i possibly preg? I am only 17, but I am very excited and have my hopes up maybe too much for being so youg but i am happy and in a great relationship.. Please let me know what u thingk ASAP!! Thanks


milu - February 15

I had my implanon in for nearly 3 years and had it removed 6th jan 09. i have been trying to concieve and have bought many pregnancy tests all stating negative. over the last few weeks i have been experiencing nausea and very painful intercouse. i have sore lower abdominal pains and sore cramps,my stomach also feels very tender. could i be pregnant or is it something else.


mugzettx3 - July 1

I have to tell you that I am so relieved to have read that the pulling type cramping pain in my lower right abdomen is normal. Although it doesn't feel like PMS cramps. I am 5 weeks pregnant and am over 35 years old. A year and a half ago I had a missed miscarriage. I was starting to really worry before I came upon this website and have to say I am truly grateful that I did!!!


collegestudent - September 29

I am new to this form...last month me and my boyfriend had s_x unprotected. I haven't seen him since we left for school. I had a period that month....but this month I am having no luck. I haven't recieved my period...and i am having very mild cramping...the cramping is almost like menstral cramps but it is not as severe...I am also always sleepy..and I think my nipples are getting darker..are these symptoms of pregnancy that anyone has experienced...please help!!!!


collegestudent - September 29

I am new to this forum...i have been having mild cramping in place of where my period was supposed to be present. Last month I recieved my period on time but this month I am not having any luck at all. I had s_x with my boyfriend the month I recievd my period(just thought I should add that.)The cramping is


krista dawn - November 27

im 5 weeks pregnent and i have very bad cramps if i stand up to long or turn tha wrong way in bed i dont know whats going on i dont want nun to harm my baby


alex88 - January 1

hi all, im now 11 weeks pregnant and the last few days i have been getting occasional pain in my abdomen, sometimes it feels like im getting an upset stomach and other times just like a nerve got pinched. I have been under a considerable amount of stress with upcoming end of semester exams im hoping that its nothing serious...reading all your comments has made me feel a little better knowing that im not the only one getting worried about the aches and pains. does any know when to call your doc about abdominal pain...when the pain is reason to worry, because on most sites i have read they tell you servere pain but when do we consider it servere enough to call a doc and when its just a temporary cramp caused by any one of the mainy ailments that we suffer from during this fantastic experience?


jessica0308 - February 12

I have had 3 miscarriages before and 2 in the last 4 months. I ovulated on January 31st and for the last 5 days now I have had mild cramping. I am so afraid to go to the bathroom because Im scared every time that my period will come. I am expected to get my period in 2 days however the cramps today are more to one side and im a little scared.


gaox - September 15

I am about 13 weeks, and just recently noticed a slight cramp that comes and goes on my lower abdomen. I've had a miscarriage a year ago, and that started out with spotting. This pregnancy, however, I have no spotting or bleeding, but just that weird cramp. I'm so worried! :(



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