Is My Baby Still Alive

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Tiffjaiaud - October 20

Iam 10 weeks by my LMP but the doc said i could only be 6 weeks by ultra sound and my HCG levels were very low when i wen in for a pregnancy test.On weds i went to the doctor cause i was having cramping. they did an us and could not see the babies heartbeat. they wanted to check my HCG level. then went again on friday cause they say it doubles in 48 hrs. The doctor called me on friday and told me that the levels rose but not like they should. Someone please let me know am I going to lose this baby. I have had to healthy pregnancys before and now iam scared i might lose this baby. The doctor is going to do another ultra sound on friday and said if there is no heart beat he is going to do a D & C. what should I do?


tish212 - October 20

I have heard stories of women in ur position who held off on the d&c and they learned later on their babies were ok... I am not saying its true 100% of the time but my dr didnt even want to do an u/s until I was 12 weeks. if u can...go for a second opinion...or refuse the d&c thi early in a pregnancy if ur are going to miscarry ur body will do it or at least start it on its own... its ur choice honestly...but I would try for a second opinion...just to make and hugs


anjie702 - October 20

you should visit this page misdiagnosedmisarriage then add .com it proves there that they can be wrong i also should be 10 weeks by lmp but u/s is said I was 5 weeks 6 days I go back wednesday and I will be 6 weeks 7 days I hope they see a heartbeat ill let u know what happens and ill be preying for u good luck


Herecomes#4 - October 31

Yes PLEASE don't let this dr do a D&C too soon. I have heard too many stories about dr's not finding the heartbeat but a few weeks later they found it...and they ended up having a healthy baby, so you never know....I'd tell the doctor you want to wait if you aren't having any other miscarriage signs.


kristyn1028 - October 31

When I had my first ultrasound around 6 weeks there wasn't any baby or heartbeat. went back a week later, and there it was!! Im now 30 weeks and having a very healthy baby, so make sure before you do the d and c.


DownbutnotOUT - November 1

I wouldnt let them do a d&c right away if the u/s shows nothing in the uterus and I would ask for another HCG test and I would want to know the numbers. If the numbers arent doubling every 3 days and a follow up u/s stil shows nothing in the uterus or no growth I would consider a D&C but would prefer to m/c naturally. good luck to you



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