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Rose - August 6

I have a 3 month old baby and am pregnant again. This is my 8th pregnancy in 11 years. I have had one miscarriage and 6 births - 3 va___al and 3 cesarean. One was a stillbirth the others were all complex pregancies. We have also just discovered after the birth of this last baby that there is a genetic condition that affects me and all my children - some of my children have very serious medical problems. The last pregnancy I really struggled with and ended up with severe anemia (hb 7) resulting in the beginning of high output heart failure. I had a cesarean during which my blood pressure fell so low they had to sqeeeze loads of bags of fluid through me. This 3rd scar was slow healing and required a pressure dressing in hospital because of splitting in middle and bleeding lots. Once home the scar split open in middle about 6 times and finally healed after about 3 weeks. After the birth I spent 3 days in HDU and needed 2 pints blood transfusion because of the anemia which raised my hb to about 9. I was supposed to take iron tablets 3 x a day for 4 months afterwards but I haven't. I suspect that it is not a good thing to be pregnant so soon after a 3rd ceserean - I have not consulted a doctor yet or told anyone (too scared of everyones reaction) I am worried that I am putting myself in danger. I would very much appreciate anyones input on this.


kad - September 5

oh u poor dear, please dont be worried my mother has had 13 pregnancies in 11 years she had extreme anemia with all her children her story is very like urs her last pregnancy accord just 8 weeks after giving birth to a baby with downs yet my little sister is in every way healthy even though my mother was a bit ill with her during pregnancy. and as for being scared to tell anyone my mothers doctor looked like he would die on the spot when she told him lol. but really it dosnt matter what other people think just remember u got pregnant with this baby for a reason who knows he or she might grow up to fing a cure for cancer or world hunger or a million other things, just do ur best to protect this child give it as much love as possible, i wish u all the best good luck.



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