Is This Normal And Should I Worry

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maryann - April 12

h__lo, this is my first time coming to this site and i noticed you can ask questions. and i have one that has been bothering me. i am 9 weeks pregnant and am almost 19 years old. i found out i was pregnant alomost 2-3 weeks ago and i have been cramping. the doc said that it was normal because things are strecthing. well the cramping has continued. well about a week or so ago i went to the bathroom and when i wiped my self (only when i wipe) i saw a slightest pink that you could get and yesterday it was really noticable but its back to the slight barely there pink. i called mt nurse and she wants me on bed rest till friday (my 1st doc app) i just want to know is this a sign of miscarriage and should i worry?


joanna - April 12

Marryann, I am 11 weeks pregnant now, but a year ago i was having cramps and slight bleeding at 7 weeks and it turned out to be a misscarrage. I would go to the emergency room if I was you.


leigh - April 13

I'm 10 weeks and everything normal - I had spotting and this is normal .... so don't panic ... if you start misscarrying believe me you'll know about it .. as long as the red doesn't become heavy like a period ... good luck


Heather - April 13

Maryann - I was 9 weeks & I started spotting but it was dark brown/red. It turned into red within about 12 hours. I agree with leigh... Don't panic. It is normal to have some spotting like you have during a pregnancy. It is more common if you have just had an u/s (internal kind) or heavy s_xual activity you will sometimes spot a little. Good luck!


Reegsmommy - April 13

Boy, there a lot of people who spot during their pregnancies. It sure makes me feel a lot better to know that it's not only me. With my first, I had no complications or problems at all. This spotting is quite a surprise and it's all I think about. I am having a hard time enjoying my pregnancy. It is very upsetting when you have to wear a pantyliner during your pregnancy. I am 8.5 weeks with the twins and have been spotting since March 27. Keep a positive att_tude!!!



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