IUD And Pregnancy

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BomBMoM4+2+3 - January 15

I am a mother of 5 I have had 1 pill baby and 2 depo(the 3 month shot) babies. I got my IUD when my youngest was 15 months. I have had my IUD since April of 2004. From the very beginning I could not feel my strings. I did not have regular peirods for about a year. I have had a c-section, and umblical hernia repair and a ventral hernia repair all of this is in my abdomen section. The doctor told my husband after my last surgery that I shouldn't have any more kids. My OB/Gyn said that inorder to tie my tubes he would have to cut my open all the way again because I have to many scars and meshing to repair my hernias so he recommended the IUD and told me that in a few years if we wanted we could have more kids. Well after getting it I started having bleeding and pain with intercourse, my husband could feel something poking the tip of his p__s. I went to see the doctor they told me (not my OB) that everything was fine. this has been going on for 2 years now. Around the end of August of 2006 I had my last period. I didn't think anything of it until I started getting br___t tenderness and morning sickness. I have been throwing up for 3 weeks now. Just last night my husband asks me if I am pregnant. I'm scared to go take the test and if I am I'm ppretty far along now I'm scared that removing the IUD will cause me to lose the baby and I'm scared of my hernias ripping open again, the surgeon said it could be life threatening if i did get pregnant again. Please help has anyone out there had this problem or do you have any advice?


momo3girls - January 18

Go see your Dr and have a sonogram to see what is going on. Please let me know what happens. I feel for you. I only have 3 kids and just found out I am expecting #4 with an IUD. I am trying to find out as much as I can about how safe it is to carry this baby. Good luck to you!


BomBMoM4+2+3 - January 23

Well I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and they all came back negative. My doctor won't see me they keep tellin gme not to worry about it. I am in the process of trying to see a Ob/Gyn right ow but my PCP won't give me the referral needed I am at my wits end and I am about to go t Planned Parenthood. I'll keep you updated to what is going on



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