IUD And Pregnant

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momo3girls - January 18

I am a 37 year old mom of 3. I got the Paraguard in July 06 and just found out that I am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant. I am really angry. I cramped for 2 weeks after the insertion, but thought that it would be worth it to not have to worry about birth control and now I find out it failed. My Dr says that the IUD is embedded in the uterine muscle away from the baby and it will be safer to remove it after the delivery. Of course my 15 mo old was crying during the visit, so we didn't get a chance to discuss the risks of carrying baby with the IUD. Has anyone had a successful pregnancy in this situation? To be honest, I would rather miscarry now instead of later after I've really become attached and my daughters know that I am pregnant. I'd appreciate any advice...


nelsbaby0628 - January 24

Im sorry I dont have an answer for you, BUT I'm a 39yr old mom of four & I feel like Im having braxton hicks, & indegestion usually due to pregnancy AND I have had the mirena IUD for 22 months. I feel pregnant lately. So I too found this site to find out more about what happens if you Are indeed pregnant with an IUD in place. I would be very angry- as I'm sure are you! We werent planning on a fifth child~ but the thought of losing one seems so unfair when I thought we had prevented this type of thing. It seems like the pregnancy thing is happening at a higher percentage then the 2% chance from what Ive been reading here. Does anyone know if the pregnancies with IUD's go to term? What the side effects might be? The imbedded IUD during pregnancy seems like a nightmare when you have so much to worry about already~ Please let me know how everything goes for you. I have read alot of emails here where women were told different things by different doctors. I will take a hpt tomorrow. And I guess faced with the same decision you have about possible miscarriage now or later.... I would have to weigh out possible percentages of everything & if the latter was the worse situation I would chose to miscarry early also. There have been many postings here of women who chose to save the pregnancy & not have it removed. I just cant seen to find any where the pregancy went to term, or for that matter what happened after 12 weeks. Please let me know if you have any info regarding this & I will do the same for you ~ Michelle ( MIchigan)


Jen3A - January 30

I too am in this same situation; I took a hpt last night that was positive, and I've had a Mirena IUD since Nov 2005. I also have three children, ages 8, 5 and 20 months. Even though I can't tell you how it turns out, I can say that my aunt had an IUD baby in 1980 or '81....my cousin, who came out holding it in his hand. And he's perfectly normal...nothing wrong at all. So I do know that there is the possibility of a happy outcome, but how often that happens is still unknown. I know that isn't very helpful, but it's the best I can come up with!


momo3girls - February 1

Just wanted to post an update. I saw a perinatologist in San Francisco yesterday and the news was grim. He said the only option with a guarenteed outcome is to terminate and remove the IUD the same time. BUT since I now want to keep the baby, it would be best to try to remove the IUD, even though it will be difficult and there are no guarentees that they will be successful at removing it and the attempt could cause a miscarriage. He said that there is a high chance of miscarriage or a preemie birth. He did not sound particularly hopeful about continuing with the IUD in place, as my OB had suggested. I see the OB tomorrow. I will update afterwards...


melissap - February 3

Hi girls there is another thread on here about being preg with an IUD in place. You should really read it. There are some of the women who gave birth with the IUD in place and everything was fine. To Michelle I was experiencing the same thing and I finally had my IUD removed Jan 3 07 after having it put in June 04. I still look and feel preg. My doctor told me that my body had tricked itself into thinking it was preg. It may also be a cyst since my periods are normal again and according to my chart and cm, temp I am ovulating again. Good luck girls and do what you feel is right. The thread was started by Lori. Very informative.


spamanda - February 5

My husband is actually an IUD baby, that was back in '76 though! He came out holding the IUD. But I would get a second opinion (and maybe a third or fourth, lol) before terminating a pregnancy. Seems to me there are plenty of people who have had their IUD successfully removed, or who have a fairly normal pregnancy with the IUD still in place. I have the mirena, too, though I'm not pregnant.... thankfully! Anyways, just wanted to say it's totally possible and good luck to you!



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