IUD Malfuction

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Britney - November 6

I am pregnant But I have an IUD in? The doctor won't take it out. HIGH risk of losing baby miscarriage or tubuil with no insurance at this time becaus I lost my job


britney - November 7

Everthing will be ok


Joelly - November 16

Hi Britney, why won't he take it out? I think I am in the same situation as you, because I am 10 days late and normally I am very regular. I didn't take any pregnancy test yet. but I am scared too. i hope everthing turns ok. How did You find out that You are pregnant??


sweetspea1 - November 16

Legally and ethically, the doctor should take out this device because it could cause problems to the fetus. He or she should be reminded of that.


Joelly - November 17

I called my doctor yesterday, he told me that I have to go to his office for a checkup & if indeed I am pregnant. I have to go to gineacologist to take the IUD out. This procedure will be delicate and may endup in a spontanous abortion.


Sheilly - December 5

Hi, Joelly, I'm pregnant and I had the IUD in, I took a pregnancy test, I am in the 5th week and my doctor removed the device three days ago, she told me it was dangerous to take it out if you are after the 12th week, my baby is in the uter but he/she was far away from the IUD, so she asked me to be resting this weekend to avoid an abortion.


Hi Sheilly - December 6

The doctor took the IUD out too. Everything went very well. I am not feeling so good "all day sickness" I guess :-)


Hollie - January 1

I just found out this weekend that I am almost two months pregnant. I also had an IUD. After the baby's placement was determined to be in the Uterus they advised to remove the IUD. Apparently it is more dangerous to leave it in than to take it out. There is a risk of miscarriage early on but I chose that it would be better than midway through a preganacy I was attached to. I would seek a second opinion and force the issue to remove the IUD. If you do not have insurance there are state funded programs that can help you through the loopholes. Goodluck to you.


Trisha - April 16

What kind of IUD do the women that are getting pregnant have? I have the Mirena? Do I have a chance of getting pregnant?


Kim - April 20

Trisha I am also wondering the same thing. I to have the Mirena and I am beginning to wonder if I may be pregnant.


jennifer - April 24

I also have the mirena and think I am pregnant...I have three kids and am pretty sure I am...I go in tomorrow for a test...but not sure what to expect...what kind of iud's do you girls that are expecting have?


kelley - April 26

i have an iud & 3 kids and think i could be pregnant this stinks what are the odds?


lisa - April 28

I have an iud and may be pregnant. I took the pregnancy test but it was negative. Is this a definate sign that I am not? I am never late, but I am about ~1week late.


Desiree - May 1

I have the Mirena and have bled irregularly the ever since I got it back in January. It is now May and I have been feeling like I might be pregnant...


rosie - May 3

hi britney, i have a story of my own, i have being using the iud for 4 years and guess what i am pregnant. my doctor ask if i had lost any weight well yes i did. she stated that usually when a person looses more than 20 pounds the iud moves from were it was place. i lost over 35 pounds in 4 months. the doctor said that's probably what happen in my case. no i have to go to an OB and get my IUD remove. has anyone experienced anything like this because of weightloss? and for those of you who did have an iud remove did everyhting turn out okay? please help i am alittle nervous.


Lee - May 4

I have the paraguard, and I have also lost about 25 lbs. I am not 100% sure that I am pregnant, but I am about 2 wks late and have all the symptoms, I think I am just in denial and I don't want to take a test. My baby is only 10 months old, and I have a 3 year old. Can't handle any more right now.


Alice - May 4

I had paraguard removed today because I am 5 days late. Negative preg. test. today. I am not going to chance having it in.



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