IUD Malfuction

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Des7 - August 20

OK, I have had the IUD for 7 months... my son is 9 months old..... I have had only one regular period since having the IUD and that was the 3rd week of June.... since then...about 2 weeks ago I had some spotting, then nothing... now for the last week feel like i'm preg again.... have all the symptoms as i did with my son..... so I took two preg tests by ANSWER brand and both were neg.... despite no current med ins.... i went to the dr and they said it was almost impossible to be preg with the IUD in.... so he did a urine test and it was also neg..... he did a pelvic exam and said nothing in that region indicated a pregnancy... but he couldnt find my IUD... the strings werent out and even with pushing on my uterus and pushing up from my pelvis he couldnt locate it..... he is thoroughly conviced that since the urine test said neg i am not preg... but i am not convinced.... he basically sent me home and said i looked fine to him and i dont look pregnant... he wants me to see a gyno next week and let them take it from here..... i'm really nervous because I thought there was a good chance I could be preg before I found out that they couldnt locate the IUD..... now I really think the stakes are good for me to be preg.... but i'm scared because if we are preg again we dont want to lose the baby... and the dr says i'm fine.... so does anyone have a similar story or advice to give? i'm freaking out.... ?


momof4+ - September 6

I had an ultrasound. My IUD was about an inch away from the baby. The baby was pretty high up, and my IUD was pretty low, so they thought it could safely be removed. My doctor removed my IUD. It's been 3 1/2 weeks and everything looks good. My OB said if I were going to miscarry from it, it would happen in the first week.


teresa24 - September 7

hi i've had the iud for three months and this month im a week late and im sick and very tired could i be pregnant?


Granola - October 8

I had a Mirena IUD installed in September 2003. Yesterday I tested positive for pregnancy with a home test, and for sure feel like I am! This would be our third child, I am calculating that I would be about 7 weeks. I talked to a midwife and am supposed to go in tomorrow for an ultra sound. I am elated about the pregnancy, but very nervous because of the risks involved. I was up at 4 this morning reading all of the posts on the other thread, and I just now reading through this one. I found an article that shows with IUD removal there is a 25% chance of miscarriage. Would love to hear from any moms who carried to term with or without the Mirena. And you better believe I am getting the serial number off of mine!!!! ;-)


Granola - October 9

Okay, i went to the doctor today and was treated with EXTREME skepticism. I had an appointment to see the doctor and they sent the nurse instead, who told my urine test was negative. She suggested I had a urinary tract infection. I asked them to draw blood for the HCG test and was told they would and the results would be back in about a week. That was not acceptable to me, as I know that removal of the IUD in pregnancy had to be done early to reduce risk of miscarriage. I asked her how I had a positive result on my home pregnancy test 2 days ago, and negative here. She implied my test was defective and again suggested I had a UTI. I found all this very suspicious. They took blood and I should have the results tomorrow. I KNOW I AM PREG and I am going to get a second opinion. WONDERING if the doctors have a protocol they are required to follow with BERLEX to screen for pregnancy. I am very VERY SUSPICIOUS right now. If they wait a week to treat me, the baby may abort on it's own. If the bloodwork is negative I am going to another doctor for a second opinion. Will post this up. I am also wondering why this is the only forum up online about this issue. Maybe Berlex is shutting others down. If anyone else is curious about this one, please let me know. Thanks!


Runninggirl262 - October 14

Can someone give me some advice? I'd been having left sided pain. I went to see my GYN and the ultrasound confirmed a cyst and my IUD dropped to mid range in my uterus instead of the high position. Now I'm bleeding between cycle. I've been sick to my stomach, and my b___sts are sore and bigger. I've never been pregnant. How can an ultrasound determine between a cyst and an ectopic pregnancy?


tammyrene - October 30

I also have the mirena and think I am pregnant...I have a little girl that just turned 4 this month and I had the IUD put in 8 weeks after I had her. I have took 3 tests and they all come out neg. but I have been having so many signs such as palvic pain, tender b___st, tired all the time, sick to my stomach with different smalls so on. My last visit to my OB she thought I was but i was not, my string was just lost. In the back of my mind I keep telling myself that Im not , it would be great if I was Im just scared that I would miscarry. Help what do you think I should do I would rather be safe then sorry but I thought I was doing that when I got this IUD.


jpkelly422 - November 5

Ladies, you are scaring the bejesus out of me! I had the Mirena IUD put in about 5 months ago. Had my period like normal the first couple months, now I just spot throughout the month. That was expected though so I really thought nothing of it. Past couple of weeks though I've had symptoms; b___st itching like crazy (kinda weird!) and slight leakage, emotional wreck, indigestion, weight gain and INTENSE s_xual desire. I still didn't think anything of it because most of these symptons can be caused by stress and other things. My boyfriend mentioned he was worried I might be pregnant and I explained I'm on the best birth control there is. I came here for piece of mind - Lord knows I'm not letting him see this website!!!! I'm going to take a test in the morning and I'll let you all know what happens.


jpkelly422 - November 6

NEGATIVE!!!! Very happy about that!!! I wish you girls the best of luck:0)


td0805 - November 16

I had the Paraguard IUD inserted 5 months ago, and am 2 weeks late. Could I be pregnant? I usually am on time like clockwork. Anyone?


cljsjuliet - November 20

I am so happy to have found this site. I have had a mirena IUD for a year now and over the past couple of weeks i havent been feeling right. I am hungrier than usual, i am gaggy in the morning, im not spotting like i usually did every month, my b___bs are achy, im peeing more than normal. I did a test 2 weeks ago that was negative but i am taking another one tomorrow and if that one is negative I am going to still call my ob to have her check the placement of the IUD because the strings are up alot higher than they were before. this will be my third child if i am pregnant. my doctor told me that the IUD would be the best birth control after i had my last child, but I am not so sure anymore after reading some of the stories on here.


jtsmom04 - November 20

I just got faint reading how many women are getting pregnant on the IUD, especially the same that im on, Im 5 days late on my period, and i havent been late in the two yrs almost that its been in.


cljsjuliet - November 20

I took another test today and it was negative but i am going to have my iud removed and go on a pill instead so i can track my cycles better and then i wont be as paranoid.


MaRiE008 - November 21

I had no idea there were so many women experiencing what i am going through right now. I am about 2weeks late and having severe back pain. I have an appointment with the doctor tommorrow and am very nervous. I don't want to be pregnant. I don't want to be going through this, it sucks. My fear is that it ectopic and i'll have to have surgery or something. The whole reason for the iud is so you don't have to go through these things. Has anyone heard of Methotrexate? Is it an option?


Tera - December 6

I've been reading as much as I can about IUDs and pregnancy. I have read in many places that the Paraguard has a higher failure rate than the hormonal one, Mirena. I've also read in many places that the IUD should be removed ASAP when a intrauterine pregnancy is confirmed AND the strings are accessible. In some older literature, it says to leave it because you could abort the baby if you take it out, but that's 70-80's literature. If it were me, and it may well be, I would ask the dr to do an ultrasound 1st to determine where the IUD is relative to the embryo/fetus (if there is one in there), then make a decision from there. Just because we're trying to not get pregnant doesn't mean we want to have an abortion, right? I can't say for sure without actually being in the situation, but I'm thinking if that IUD is in a bad spot for the baby, I might opt to leave it...but if it's a good distance away, I would have them remove it...and I honestly think they should. The statistic I keep seeing is 50% chance of miscarriage in the second trimester if you don't get it out of there and if that happens it is nasty. Also the infection and preterm labor risks are high. You're basically a high risk pregnancy the whole way through where if they get the thing out and you make it through ok, you minimize the risks pretty much back to a normal pregnancy. One bit of good news appears to be that there are no reported links to birth defects from the IUD's but there's always that chance it will perforate or embed into the baby or your uterus or elsewhere. I would put myself at risk for my child, so I thought I should just straight up say it. Even a child I was trying to prevent, so if it came down to taking the IUD out to decrease risk for myself, I would leave it for the sake of the baby...but that's my own personal feelings on it. I'll keep checking in here, I hope everyone will post their outcomes regardless of what happens. I will.


Lucinda Kay - December 21

Hey everyone! I've had my Mirina IUD for 16 months, and now I feel like I'm pregnant. I'm nausous, tired, emotional, I smell everything and my b___sts are starting to get sore. I've taken 2 hpt's, but they both came back negative. Any suggestions? please help!



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