IUD Malfuction

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j.james.1 - February 21

i have ended up miscarring after they took mine out


kesteris16 - February 21

I am just wondering if any of the women who got pregnant on the IUD and not able to remove it had successful pregnancies? I see how many women miscarried while removing it and I am so sorry to hear, I hope you get well soon.


TaraS - February 21

I ended up getting mine when I posted back in Feb., but got an e-mail on your post and thought to come by to let those of you know. With IUD's and with every pregnancy actually, there are always risks...higher of course during the first trimester. I just had an unwanted pregnancy with the same IUD this month, but my IUD had actually fallen out after taking a ultrasound to confirm. We took the precautions, but it still happened. Right now financially we can not have a baby and be able to pay all the medical costs for the pregnancy or delivery and take care of the little ones we already have..so sadly had to terminate. I was totally against, but hubby and I guess had to make the hardest choice ever. Numerous doctors said to me that you can have a perfectly healthy pregnancy with the IUD still in, but there are a little more higher risks for miscarriage a__sociated with it, than a pregnancy without an IUD. I think you will be fine kesteris16. Just keep up on your scheduled appointments and maybe have an ultrasound to just confirm everything inside is fine if you are early on, so you can decide now what you want to do. Good luck my dear and keep us posted:-)


TaraS - February 21

Ps- meant I ended up getting a period after missing my periods I think for 2 months if I am not mistaken, back in Feb 2010...been a while. :)


kristiinwisconsin - February 21

I keep getting e-mails saying someone has commented on your post and it's been 2 1/2 years since I got pregnant with the Paragard. I figured I should finally respond! Mine was removed immediately when I found out that I was pregnant with no problems. I wanted it to be a successful pregnancy and my husband and I ended up getting excited about it even though it was unplanned. After 2 weeks of every other day blood draws to check my levels (which were rising at a great rate), we found out the pregnancy was ectopic. I had 2 methotraxate shots but they did not work because my tube ended up rupturing. It was a horrible time in my life. I would never recomment IUD's to anyone. Good luck!


misslouise - March 7

okay... so I believe that I could be pregnant and so does my boyfriend. I'm not even sure how far along I could be.. It could be as far back as almost 4 months. I have sore b___bs, really neuseas in the mornings, stomach cramping, I had light bleeding last month, xtrem tiredness, increase in hunger. I have taking 4 hpt and they were all negative. I went to the doctor to have them check my string which she would not do a blood test. What do i do? I have to mirena, have had it since october. I want to know so that nothing bad happens if I am.


libelula - March 12

I'm 12 days late now.. I got my paragard back in July 2010, and haven't had too much of a problem since.. just heavy periods. I feel different now, like I'm pregnant. I feel a fullness in my pelvic area, slight/sharp cramping, some nausea/dizziness/headaches. I'm trying to relax, but it's so hard when I just want to know what's going on with me. I've got an appointment with the doctor tentatively planned for the 22nd (Mp day 22). I'm worried, and I'm hoping that I'm pregnant, and it's going to go smoothly. I'm trying not to think about cysts nor ectopic pregnancies... but i know it's a possibility. I took a p test today-negative. Two days ago, neg as well. Is 12 days enough for concern (I have regular periods, 28 days- if not a bit shorter)?


libelula - March 17

17 days late now.. neg P test today. looking forward to the bloodwork on Mar 22nd


libelula - March 22

period came, at day 22...


jlove621 - March 25

I am very happy I found this forum. I am amazed at how many women are getting pregnant with the IUD. I have had my IUD (copper) for 5 1/2 years after having two children. For the most part all I have experienced is increased flow. A few weird months here and there. Last month a couple days after my period ended I had some brown discharge. Nothing too weird. Normally I get it directly following my flow but I was not too concerned. But then a couple days later I had some pink discharge only when I wiped and this continued for a good week and a half. I did some homework and found out this could be from ovulation or from implantation. So naturally this freaked me out a little since I'm 28 and never experienced it before. But my next period came right on time, but did last 10 days! So now it's been 9 days since my period ended and I'm having horrible pain in my b___sts. I do get them from time to time but normally just a couple days before I get my period. Not 10 days before. I am considering having the IUD taken out, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced these weird symptoms. Not sure if I should be concerned or not. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


GabriellaM - April 6

Hey everyone Im glad that I found this forum .. I have the mirena iud it's been now 8 years actually so it is expired BUT I went to see my gyno couple of months ago and she said its still good ,she said I would know for sure when it's not effective anymore because I will get my period ... which now thinking about it makes no sense.. I had s_xual encounter with my boyfriend 11 days ago ... I want to know how soon I can find out if I actually did get pregnant ... because today I am experiencing intense cramps but only on one side .. dizziness ,headache and I felt tired as well .. My question is how soon can I take a pregnancy test .. Please help


j.james.1 - April 6

My doctor told me 15 days and take the test


tinkerbelljmt - June 15

So this copper iud u can still get pregnant????? Um I don't want to get pregnant and well I took a hpt and im not whats the chance of a tubial baby not showing up on a hpt


martaadams2008 - July 15

Can someone help I have the copper T for 6mnths and had my period normally just alittle heavy and know I spot for one day then stop for a couple days then start spoting again and I've been peeing slot can I be pregnant please help


raniyajade - August 8

i had my iud inserted 6 weeks after having my son. I was told this birth control method was just as affective as any other method. So here i am 10 months later, thinking i have some type of stomach bug. This bug doenst seem to want to go away. So just to kicks i take a hpt. . . . IUD FAILURE! i am not 2 1/2 months pregnant. I am very upset. I do not believe in terminating pregnancies. And i am 23 with now going to be 3 children. I feel like i was played. My doctor never told me i had to be checking any strings or never asked me to come back to a follow up. My iud was found in my cervix, not my uterus. I am so upset. All they can say is ooooops. My advice to EVERYONE is that if your looking for an affective form of birth control, DO NOT CHOOSE AND IUD.


raniyajade - August 8

yes you can. I jus recently got pregnant with an iud. This is a horrible form on birth control and i feel that doctors should tell patients that it it alot less affective than other methods. I hope you dont have the same horrible luck that i had. Good luck. If you aren't pregnant, i think you should switch to a new birth control.



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