IUD Malfuction

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raniyajade - August 8

yes you can. I jus recently got pregnant with an iud. This is a horrible form on birth control and i feel that doctors should tell patients that it it alot less affective than other methods. I hope you dont have the same horrible luck that i had. Good luck. If you aren't pregnant, i think you should switch to a new birth control.


ashleyann23 - September 5

okay so i have had my paraguard for almost 2 years now, the first day of my last period was august 22nd and it seemed to b a normal period except a little shorter and i didnt have any cramps. only a few days after it ended i had cramping and spotting for a few hours. the next day i started to have symptoms of being pregnant. getting sick to my stomach almost everyday, heartburn, more gas than normal, constipated, and kind of a foggy feeling, like i feel out of it. its to early for a home test so i see the dr on wed, just wondering if anyone thinks there is a chance that i might be preggo. this is my second iud because the first one came out.


ecookie - September 15

Hi, I have the IUD in and about a week or so ago I have been feeling signs of pregnancy nausea but not too bad light cramping, b___st tenderness/fullness, some sort of cravings, over emotional . I've read so many posts and feel like I could be over reacting. I usually get a really light period every month but in Aug. it was really heavy and I haven't had a heavy one (with clots and all, sry if TMI) in about 3 years. And then this month I just had spotting (brownish as well...) Didn't seem normal to me. I told my bf and we got HPT, came out neg. Went to the ER did a urine test, neg. They took blood for lvls, not sure if they did a preg test tho, and wanted to see if i had a high white blood count for infection. Blood tests came back neg. and said it might b cramping from a reg period. sent me home. yest. went to the urgent care for a second opinion. doc did a pelvic exam and said he thinks i might have an early case of pid. so maybe hes right... gave me antibiotics... I'm still worried I could be pregnant but the doc yesterday said he "looked online" so Im not sure he was 100 percent about the diagnosis. Scared to take the antibiotics cuz they may cause harm to a fetus... Don't know what to do! I feel like I'm rambling and can't even tell the story straight, so much to it! Sorry!


mtg227856 - October 16

help!! i feel so devastated. I am 20 years old. I had paragard put in more than 10 months ago. everything has been fine since then until this month I was late. I took a pregnancy test and of course it came out positive!! I feel like my world is coming apart. I can't deal with a baby right now . I can't even deal with the IDEA of having a baby right now. How could paragard be this faulty?


kristiinwisconsin - October 17

I had the same thing happen 3 years ago. I got pregnant with the Paragard which I had only had in for about 8 months. It ended up being an ectopic pregnancy. My tube burst and I had to have it removed. There is a very good chance your pregnancy could be ectopic (tubal). Get to your doctor immediately. They will remove the IUD and continue to check your HCG levels until they can see the sac in your uterus by ultrasound. If they cannot see it, it means it is ectopic and you will have to have methotrexate shots (I had 2 and they didn't work, my tube still burst.) Good luck. I tell all my friends NOT to get IUD's. They are horrible! You will be in my prayers!


kesteris16 - December 17

Hi... I joined this forum Feb 2011 as I had the copper IUD inserted Nov, 2009 at my 6 weeks postnatal appointment. I was experiencing signs of pregnancy and confirmed it with a home pregnancy test! As worried as I was I searched online for info about pregnancy with the IUD and found information that it could cause miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, and preterm labour and delivery. I had 3 medical opinions from other OB/GYN's and each attempted to remove the IUD which was unsuccessful as the strings had gone inwards. I was considered High risk pregnancy. I am happy to report my pregnancy went well and my baby was actually 1 week overdue as worried as I was to delievery prematurely or even make it through the first trimester. The coil came out with the placenta and no complications occurred. I did experience alot of lower pelvic pressure with cramps and some pain at a early stage (25 weeks) on and off. Guess I got lucky considering some of the stories I have heard :( sorry to hear. Just wanted to include my story. thanks for reading.



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