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Lori - May 17

I just found out that I am 6 weeks pregnant with my Mirena IUD in place. The pregnancy is in the uterus and the IUD is right above the uterus. My doctor tried numerous times to take the IUD out but without success. At this point I am confused as to options. I have heard many different things about whether to leave the IUD in place or to remove it - I was informed that in order to remove the IUD they would have to slightly dialate my cervix to get it out and this could cause spontaneous miscarrage..the other option is to leave it in place but there could be numerous complications down the line. My husband and have 2 wonderful children and felt we were finished but now that I am pregnant our feelings have changed. Has anyone experienced something like this before - words of wisdom??


jen - May 18

HI Lori, go to the iud malfunction question dated today,apparently the iud is not as good a birth control as i thought,alot of women are getting pregnant on it.And i was going to put the mirena after i have my baby now i dont know what to do?I have friend that got pregnant on the iud i guess its more common that in should be.Maybe you should all complain to the FDA and see if that helps one women metioned that.I know was not helpful to you sorry.But best of luck with your pregnancy.


Lori - May 18

Thank you Jen..I read the IUD malfunction string and it is very interesting..I posted a response there suggesting that anyone planning on using the IUD to do as much research as possible on it and ask your dr. lots of questions...it is amazing how many people are getting pregnant with these devices..it not only puts us all in a stressful medical condition but emotionally it is very exhausting and I feel like I am on a rollercoaster - Good luck with your decision.


BT - May 19

Hi Lori. I would get a second opinion if i were you. I don't get why your Dr. can't just take the thing out. Your supposed to be able to just pull the string.What did you mean by the iud is ABOVE the uterus? Shouldn't it be UNDER blocking the fallopian tubes? I had the Mirena iud for 5 years and it was very effective for me. However their is a 1-2% failure rate. Unfortunately, most of the women writing in fall w/in that percentage.I think it just seems like alot of women because we are only hearing from those who've had problems from all over the globe. I've also known people to get pregnant while on the pill or using a condom. Unfortunately, w/ all birth control, their can be a risk of pregnancy. I can't believe your Dr. isn't giving you some better options. I would be so upset. My best suggestion is to try someone else. I hope everything turns out ok for you.Let us know. Good luck!


Justine - May 19

My Mum got pregnant with her 3rd child with a coil in (old name for IUD I think). They left it it until the birth and my brother was born fine and extremely large.


tammy - May 19

I am going thru the exact same situation- I was told that if I waited to have the IUD removed I could miscarry at a later date - No miscarriage is ok with me - but by going ahead with the removal noe -if a miscarriage was to happen at least the pregnancy was early and not one that I would have to deliver as a still birth. i am miscarrying now - it is not pleasant and my husband and I are very upset - but I'd rather it happen noe then in 3 months. I believe that if it is going to happen - it will happen regardless of the precautions you try to take. Good luck.


Terry - May 23

I have an IUD (the Mirena) and am about 5 days late..tested neg. with home preg. test. Feeling tired, bloated, irritated and heartburn (belching too). Thinking maybe a false Neg. after reading all this. Im going to go in for some blood work and check things out. Ive never been able to find the strings..although Doc said they were there and fine. hummm. Maybe Im anemic? Any other suggestions?


Kat - May 29

Terry I am going through the same thing but I am 7 days late, The bad thng is I think I may be Pregnant I have three kids only 23 I am almost finished with my 4 college degree I finish summer of next year and with three kids and one on the way I just may go crazy I choose the iud because the doctors wanted to give me a run around when I had my last child two years ago, I wanted my tubes tied. I told the doctors from the get go but when I was in the hospital I asked when they were going to tie my tubes they said I had to sign a thirty day notice first. I'm nnot the one for hospitals but my doctor recommended the Iud I haven't had any problems in the two years that I've had it until now.Let me know how things turn out with u


Brandy - May 31

I just tested positive this morning. I too have the Mirena. I am not sure how far along I am, and I know that I will never EVER use an IUD again. I don't know how to help you with this problem but I want you to know that I am going through the same problem. Confused and worried, I wait for answers. I can trust in the Lord though. He answers prayers. Put your faith in the fact that he will do what is right for you. Put your worries on his shoulders. God bless you. Brandy


Stacy - May 31

I am in the exact same situation as you-my doctor couldn't remove it so I am just hoping for the best-I am 9 1/2 weeks. I have only read one response where the outcome was positive and the IUD came out with the placenta which is what my doctor hopes will happen. We have three children and never dreamed of having a fourth, but like you said, now that I am pregnant we want to do everything we can do to increase the odds of the baby surviving. Good Luck.


claud44 - June 6

Hi! I just found this thread and I am floored. I also have a Mirena IUD and I am 9 weeks pregnant with my 5th!!! Shocking to us to say the least. Two home teste were negative but blood test confirmed what I knew was true all along. I am glad to see support out there. they also cannot get to my string - believe it is twisted around the device and cannot get it out. The recommendation is to leave it in closely monitor and hope for the best. I have seem 3 doctors and the recommendation is the same. Good luck to you.


Shelley - June 7

I have had my Mirena IUD since Nov. 2005 - the past two weeks, I have felt pregnant. A non-regular period since my two sons birth, it is hard to keep track of cycle. Busy Mom and all. Today it just dawned on me that I feel pregnant and will buy a hpt tonight. I am really scared.


Shelley - June 7

Sorry, I meant - November 2004 for my Mirena IUD.


Shaunny - June 8

Shelley, I know how you feel i am going to my Dr on thursdayI am going tohave some blood tests done. I have the same IUD in place but have had mine in since Jan of 2005. i i have been tired alot more and "feel" pregnant.I look it as well. i will know more on thursday or Friday morning I am hoping that if things are as they are wriiten onthe board about this IUD i will have it removed now and i will try some other form of birth control. . I have 2 kids now and i was given the IUD advice by my OB after my daughter was born in Nov of 2004.


Shelley - June 9

Thanks Shaunny. I am NOT pregnant, but still feel naseous and sick. I am going to monitor myself for the next week before I see a doctor. How are you ?


LC - June 9

Hi Lori, I am a single 36 year old with no kids. I have had the IUD for 8 years now with no problems with regular cycles, however I am 7 days late and was overwhelmed with all the comments and responses to your situation. I had no ideal and because I had not had any previous problems, just a__sumed that the IUD was full-proof. My was I nieve, I was thinking about waiting the month out, but not sure if that's possible after reading the comments today. Thanks for sharing.


Lori - June 10

LC - The earlier you can determine if you are indeed pregnant the better. I am currently awaiting to see a perinatologist which is a specialist in high risk pregnancies.At this point I am about 10 weeks pregnant and have been waiting for almost two weeks to see this specialist. Everything with the fetus is normal in regards to growth, implanting in the uterus etc..but they "think" the IUD is still there( OB cannot confirm 100% that the IUD is still there)..It sounds like from reading all the messages that most drs. say to leave the IUD in. The perinatologist will do another ultrasound with more high tech equipment on Wednesday. My husband and I really don't want to put myself in danger or the new baby so we are covering all our questions when we meet with the dr. The best advice I can give is to find out 100% if you are pregnant and then the dr. will do an ultrasound to see if the embryo implanted in your uterus or fallopian tube. If it is in the fallopian tube they will remove - this can be life threatening to you if you, hence find out if you are indeed pregnancy ASAP. Good luck - let us know what happens.



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