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Lori - June 10

LC - The earlier you can determine if you are indeed pregnant the better. I am currently awaiting to see a perinatologist which is a specialist in high risk pregnancies.At this point I am about 10 weeks pregnant and have been waiting for almost two weeks to see this specialist. Everything with the fetus is normal in regards to growth, implanting in the uterus etc..but they "think" the IUD is still there( OB cannot confirm 100% that the IUD is still there)..It sounds like from reading all the messages that most drs. say to leave the IUD in. The perinatologist will do another ultrasound with more high tech equipment on Wednesday. My husband and I really don't want to put myself in danger or the new baby so we are covering all our questions when we meet with the dr. The best advice I can give is to find out 100% if you are pregnant and then the dr. will do an ultrasound to see if the embryo implanted in your uterus or fallopian tube. If it is in the fallopian tube they will remove - this can be life threatening to you if you, hence find out if you are indeed pregnancy ASAP. Good luck - let us know what happens.


jessica digna - June 13

hello, I am three weeks pregnant with my second child and I also had an iud in place. my doctor removed mine but told me that there was a chance of defect to the fetus due to the removal. has anyone heard of a child being affected from this ? I also have a friend who went through her whole pregnancy with an iud in place and the baby was fine.


agnes - June 13

Sounds like there's one particular brand that's not so great... I have a ten-year-old boy and have had an iud ever since he was born. Now two years into my second one, I'm feeling I may be pregnant. Still have to go for a test to be sure, but all I can say is if I were on the pill or any other kind of contraceptive i'd have about ten kids right now. If my iud has indeed failed me this one time, that's once in ten years - iud's rock! Actually, I found this site because I, too, want to know the risks and procedures for going through with a pregnancy while having an iud. Thanks to all those of you who wrote your experiences - a weight off my mind, I don't feel the need to worry so much if I am indeed pregnant!


Lauran - June 19

I don't have an answer, I was looking for some of my own. I just found out yesterday I am pregnant, I got my mirena 2 months ago.


AB - June 22

To Casey, the reason why you're supposed to have had a baby before having the IUD inserted, is because your uterus is more stretched out. You should also be on your period during the insertion, when your cervix is dilated. I have never had a baby before, but because I was running out of birth control options, my dr. said it'd be worthwhile to try and insert the IUD. Although the insertion was extremely painful (they had to dilate my cervix further and stretch my uterus to make it fit), I'm happy I had it put in. I've had some mild cramping these past few months (had it inserted April '05) but other than that, everything's just fine. I know several girls who have the Mirena, and all are thrilled with it - as am I :) Your risk of pregnancy on the Mirena is very low, but in the off chance you do become pregnant, it'll be a very high risk pregnancy. You must weigh your options, as with all birth control.


Tabitha - June 23

I got mirena IUD in june of 04, and after 3 months, my period went away! which at first I thought yipee. I have side effects such as acne and b___st tenderness. But for the past two weeks I have been feeling 'funny' and thats when I hate not getting a period because it leaves you wondering, double edge sword I suppose. Twice I have had cramps so bad, I had to hold onto something. When I went in for my check up the girl that went front of me had 4 kids, and hers slipped out, the dr told me it because her uterus isn't as 'tight' as it was orginally which gives it more chance to slip out, I've only had one child though. I want to take mine out in a year to have another.


Heather - June 27

I think I may be in the same situation. I have an IUD, mirena. I got it march 05. well my period is a 10 days late, and i have all the symptoms of being pregnant. but i also have abdominal pain,which sometimes is really severe. i am really worried. i have two kids and i dont really want anymore. my youngest is only 5mths old. tonight i am going to get a hpt to see if i am pregnant. heather


Alyssa - June 27

I am Sorry to here about what your going through I too Have an Mirena IUD Since Jan 2005 But Lately I feel As if I am Pregnant. I think Maybe I should Go get A HPT.


Amy - June 28

Very interesting read! I've had my Mirena IUD for about 4 mo., and my husband is currently at the store buying me a hpt. We already have 3 kids, and I'm feeling my preggo symptoms. I actually have an appt. in 3 wks to have this dang thing taken out. I've had non stop headaches, mood swings, acne since getting it in.


caligirl - June 29

Well I really do not know what to do. Two days ago I found out that I was pregnant. My Family doc. got me a ultrasound and yesterday I found out they are TWINS! What are the chances of that? The doctor will not take out the IUD although there is a risk either way if they take it out or if they take it in. I wanted a second opinion and the clinic will not let me change doctors. I just cant believe it.


Markie - July 2

My daughter will be 3 Sept 18th 2005 and I have had mirena ever sense she was 6 weeks old. Over the past year my period is irregular and most of the time twice a month and the acne is the worst. But this month no period and very very fatigue. Has this happened to someone else. I'm going tomorrow for hpt and my OB can't see me until next month. I've always thought my IUD was wonderful but recently things have gone downhill.


yiska - July 2

I am glad to have found this site! I have the Mirena IUD too, which I have been very happy with. My period has all but disappeared, and I agree that has its good points and bad. But I have had a general naseusous feeling for a number of days now. My fiance asked me to describe it, and it occurred to me that I feel like I am pregnant! After reading all of your posts, I will ask him to pick up a hpt today!


Richelle - July 4

I am in the same situation as you Lori. I am 11 1/2 weeks and have an IUD poking into the side of the pregnancy sack. My GYNE Dr has tried to remove the IUD under anesthetic but no luck. I am nw faced with the choice to terminate pregnancy or keep the baby. It is getting harder to make the decision because of the last ultra sound-it now is looking like a baby and who am I to play GOD? I am having a hard time...but I know there can be many complications. If you have any advice let me know...good luck to you all!


anna - July 4

Hi Lori, i have had the IUD fitted for 11 months now and just did a hpt tonight. Could not believe my eyes when it came back positive!!!!! I had alot of symptoms, but never actually thought i was pregnant. I came straight on the internet to look up anything regarding the IUD and pregnancy, and cant believe all these other women in the exact same position. What scares me now is whether the doctor will remove the IUD or just leave it in place????


Richelle - July 5

One thing all of you who think you may be pregnant GO GET A PREGNANCY TEST DONE, it is alot easier to have the IUD removed earlier on by the time I got to my Dr my uterus has grown and the IUD was pulled way up and embedded in the side of my uterus. Two Dr's have not been able to get it out and I am faced with the hardest decision of all. I have an appt with my OBGYN today and I will keep you posted what he recommends.My words of wisdom are get to your GP asap to see if it can e removed without difficulty. If its removed there is a 40% chnce of misscarrage if its left in its a 60% chance. Good luck...I don't want anyone to have to be in my situation.


yiska - July 5

just to update: I took a hpt and it is negative. I am not pregnant. But reading about how many women do get pregnant even with the IUD gives me serious pause. I wish all of you blessings. I know this is a very difficult situation to find yourselves in. Best to you



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