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yiska - July 5

just to update: I took a hpt and it is negative. I am not pregnant. But reading about how many women do get pregnant even with the IUD gives me serious pause. I wish all of you blessings. I know this is a very difficult situation to find yourselves in. Best to you


Richelle - July 6

After alot of emotional turmoil, my husband and I have been advised to terminate the pregnacy, only because it is not a good situation. The IUD is poking into the side of the pregnancy sack and with time and pressure it is a ticking time bomb. So good luck to you all and please if you think you may be pregnant get tested and get t_t out asap to avoid the risks of your lives and the quality of lives of the ones around you...god bless!!


Anna - July 6

Just to update. Was at hospital today for 4 hours, had blood tests, abdominal scan and transv____al scan. Im 5 weeks pregnant and baby is growing in the womb, but not to get to excited until i get another transv____al scan in 2 weeks, where they will be able to tell me more. They removed the IUD today, it was so far down, it was sitting at the neck of my cervix ready to make its own way out!!!!!!!!!!! Supposedly i should have been in alot of pain, but i had nothing other than the normal period cramps every month????? Anyway they say if i make it past 12 weeks then i have a 96% chance of walking out of hospital in nine months with my new baby. Will keep you posted. Hope everything works out okay for everyone.


Ashley - July 18

Hi! I just found out a few days ago that I was pregant with the IUD. I actually went in to get an ultrasound to make sure that my iud was in the right place since when they checked for it the strings were very short. Well to my surprise I found out that I was actuallly 4 months pregnant. My dr. told me that it was embedded in my cervix. Not so sure what that means and how complicated that would be to get removed or if even possible at all to be removed since I am already in my second trimester. I am a bit stresse about it all. I will only be 21 next month and I already have 2 boys. a 2 1/2 year old and a 7 1/2 month old. Luckly this one is a girl. So to everyone pregnant with and IUD good luck and I hope all turns out well for you!


Richelle - July 18

Ashley...wow, I am in the same situation as you. I had the Dr's try to take my IUD out (under anesthetic) and it wouldn't come out. It did start a hemorage behind my placenta and now I have no choice but to terminate the pregnancy. Which is sad...I hope your situation is different. Speaking from experience make sure you get a second opinion. I am curious to hear what happens with you...keep intouch and good luck with your pregnancy! It is a bit of a rollarcoaster ride! All the best to you and your family.


Holly - July 20

Hey everyone! Aint the iud a crock... Well everyone has there story and here is mine I had my period 3 weeks ago and 1 week later I started bleeding again that really made me call and make an app. to get the Iud checked out. So when the gyn started looking she said your strings are a little long so I am going to snip some off and I was like ok.. The she looked some more and could see the iud making its way down I was so shocked. I was planning on getting it put back in until she called the next morning and told me I was pregnate... Knocked one over me .... So I am still bleeding at this point and got to see the obgyn the same day to make sure everything was alright..I got a ultrasound and there is nothing there so she send me to the on base clinic to get blood drawn and then again 2 days later and which was Monday and I went in and she told me the numbers werent what she would like to see for a normal pregnancy and makes me a app. to go to the hospital and get another ultrasound yesterday and she called me that evening and said there nothing my ovaries look good, its not an ectopic pregnancy. So today I am having more blood drawn to see what my hcg levels are if they have gone up alot I am pregnant and not far along if they decline or whatever than I guess its a miscarriage or something.. I am so very confused and stressed how could I not be when all these is being stretched on and on I just want to know I have gotten over the fact I maybe pregnant I just want to make sure everything goes alright with the baby..


Holly - July 20

Ok my hcg level has went up to 51.8 here are my level from the 15th 24 18th 37.6 and today 51.8 so I have a app. with the obgyn tommorow to check things out


Heather - July 20

I just did a search for IUD and pregnancy and found this chat. I have 2 kids, got my Mirena in spring 04 and have loved it. But I'm feeling pregnant - but I told myself that was stupid bc it's virtually 100 percent effective (and my husband wil LOSE IT if I am). Not only that, now I'm really scared about the baby's safety, if there is a baby. So looks like I'm going to the drugstore after work...can't quite believe this has been happening to so many Mirena users.


Holly - July 21

Hey everyone my doctor says that my hcg levels are not doubling but doing enough to where I could have a normal pregnancy so in 2 weeks I go for a ultrasound he said he wouldnt think the iud would have effected me because the iud was sliding out.. I dont know if I told you all but my doctor says there is no explanation for the screw up with my IUD.. Meanwhile I am still bleeding not bad but it still bothers me.. my advice to anyone with concerns about your IUD is.. If your period does something funky or you can feel your strings lower or you cant feel them at all go to your doctor get them to check it out and always make sure they take blood for a pg test because I was lucky to find out early and I was extremely luckily for the iud to come out and not go back in.. So soon as you know your period is late or any thing GO!


holly - July 26

Hi everyone i just found out I am in the process of having a miscarriage and part of the iud is in me... I am scheduled for a dnc in the morning.. But I think I am starting a law suit.. Thats bull


Dragonfly - July 27

Thank you all for your courage to talk about this. It has eased my mind considerably! My story is similar to all of yours with the exception that my IUD brand is ParaGard. In December 2004, after 4 months of having the IUD "installed" & much bleeding & funkiness during my periods, I started getting almost all of the symptoms of pregnancy. I had a way-late period, I had cravings, I peed frequently (in fact it was a strange color!), I just felt bloaty, my moods shifted faster than a Chicago snowstorm, and my areolas were darkening...not to mention I felt pregnant! I made an appointment with my midwife & it was confirmed via her that I was not pregnant. I even took a HPT because I didn't believe her. A few days later, my menstral started, which was very heavy. I'm sorry people---I have had two kids & I KNOW when I'm pregnant! I thought I was going out of my mind!! After reading this site, I now realize that I was probably right. I had no idea that there were so many IUD pregnancies out there, but I feel better that if I should become preggers again, that the likelihood of it causing complications is not as great as I thought. I was so upset in Dec. after only having my son the March before, I just couldn't bear the thought of having a third so close to my other two. One thing that this whole experience has done is because of all the excitement, my husband & I now know that we DO want a third child. Thanks for your stories & bless you all in whatever decisions you make!


Ashley - July 28

I also think that I maybe pregnant from Minera. I am only 19 and already have 2 kids and this would be my 3rd. I've had it since March 04' after my daughter was born. I've been trying to convince myself that I'm not pregnant but I'm not sure I can anymore...I have headaches all the time, I'm moody, I haven't seened a real period in over 2 months, I'm hungry and sleepy all the time. I just told my hubby today and he is going get a test when he comes home. Good Luck with your decision I know how hard this must be.


Holly - July 28

Hey I am 20 and have 2 kids and I know the feeling but please go to the doctor if you think your pregnant.. I can't express to you how important it is. I am sure you have read my story and I miscarryed and had a d&c yesterday this was caused by the mirena. My heart goes out to you all. If you need me email me please at [email protected]


Dragonfly - July 28

Holly, so sorry to hear about your predicament. I know the sense of false security with your birth control failing, then you're hopes are up because you're pregnant, & then to have them dashed! Yours was even worse because of the procedure you had to endure at the end...but, at least you've got two beautiful kids already & you're healthy enough to get pregnant in a world where so many people can't. I thank the stars I have mine! Even if my husband & I never get pregnant again, I know I still have my two & I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world! Bright blessings to you & yours & a swift recovery!


Ethi - July 28

Hi ...i just found this threat as well as the other iud malfuction.. i have the Mirena IUD in my cervix, and im six weeks pregnant ..the doctor tried to remove the IUD and the string just broke off the damm thing!!! go figure.. well ... i see i lot of you have the same experience on the IUD staying in ..and i would appriciated any outcome, information on yourselves as your pregnancies progress... I am terrified ill misscarie, and terrified ill get an infection.. i have not let hubby touch me over two weeks im so afraid of making things worse... if any body would like to chat and share concerns please email me or just post your thoughts or comments.. My email address is [email protected] thanks and good luck and God bless us all..


Wendy - July 30

Hello! I stumbled across this message board and find it extremely interesting. I too have been having preg symptoms for a couple of weeks now. I have been brushing it off as stress, pms, fatigue, but when i started to cry over a commercial, that really wasn't very moving, a red flag went up. As i was reading through these posts, I was wondering how many of the "I think I'm pregnant" posts have returned to say they are indeed pregnant? I saw a few, but there were more that were wondering, but I haven't seen them come back to post. Also, for those who did test and did get negative results only to find out later your were indeed preg, how many tests did you do? What brand of hpt did you use? I got a box of 3 First response tests today, did one this afternoon but it came back -, so I'm going to wait for first morning urine. If that too comes back - I will wait another 2 weeks. I had false negs before with two previous pregnancies so that wouldn't be unusual for me. Oh and one more interesting factoid. My aunt conceived and carried to term while having an IUD in place that was years ago, so I'm wondering if something like this could be affected by manufacturing of the product? like a faulty batch or something? Because she told me then , she heard she wasn't the only one then either there were 4 women in her circle of friends that became preg with the copper T, so I'm thinking that could be a very real possibility, a__suming we all do come up pregnant. Any ideas?



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