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Natasha-S - September 21

Well, a quick update.... my HPT came back negative, so did the one at the GP. After poking and prodding she suspects there is a large cyst on each ovary and the Mirena has dislodged, although she wouldn't rule out pregnancy. Have been referred to a gynae urgently for investigation. Anyone who is wondering what's going on with their IUD please get yourself checked out. I took a few pages from this forum printed off with me and the doc was gobsmacked so many people were pregnant with the IUD, and she said she has only seen one in her career. Lets hope I'm not the second!!


Brandi25 - September 21

I am so confused. I have the Mineria (srry sp) and my periods have not been consistant. Well I have not had a period in 2-3 months. The only sign of pregnancy I had with my son was sensitive nipples, so I have no idea if i'm preggo. Right now I have tender b___sts, my areolas appear to be a little darker (I think) and my stomache is getting bigger. The problem is that I also have a thyroid problem that is being treated. So I have no idea if my weight gain (gaine 8lbs in a little over a month) and the other bodily changes is do to the thyroid or maybe I'm am pregnant? Any advise would be appreciated.


laurabelle - September 22

Well I went to the doctor, and I did finally start my period. So obviously I am not pregnant, but my OB thinks I have cysts on my ovaries. Just thought I'd update.


_Vicky_1 - September 22

Just to update everyone on my situation. Well, I went to the doc and I am not pregnant. I do however have large cists on my ovaries which is causing me to not get my periods and some pregnancy simptoms. I lately have been in alot of pain from my ovaries. He gave me a second form of birth controle to help break up the cists but the doc said that if I continue to have pain and the cists dont go away, I will have to have surgery. Not really the news that I wanted to hear.


jen85 - September 23

just an update on what's going on with me.. i had mirena removed yesterday at the OB/GYN. i told her about my pregnancy symptoms and had me give a urine sample to test.. and of course it came up negative (its too early to tell with that thing). she couldn't see the strings, and it took a good 5 minutes for her to remove the thing but THANK GOODNESS it is out! i just started to have some light bleeding tonight, but am not due for my period for a good week and a half... i'm wondering if i have implantation bleeding? i really hope its not ectopic from the stupid IUD. i will repost after i find out what's going on.. because if i am pregnant, i got pregnant with the IUD in. crazy stuff. take care everyone and make sure you tell others NOT to get an IUD!!! I know I'm going to.


leapinglabs - September 27

Hi all. I have not been on here in a while because I thought all my problems with the Mirena were over. I was wrong. I got my Mirena put in March 30th of this year and felt funky and thought I was preggo for a while. I went to the doc many times to figure out what the heck was wrong with me. After many tests, MRIs, ultrasound-all which came back normal. I finally agreed that it was not the Mirena. A short while after all that I started to feel like c___p again. I have gained over 50 pounds since I got it in, I am very depressed, moody. I ache all the time-back, legs, head, sinuses. I have wicked abdominal cramping which makes me bend over in pain. The ONLY plus is that my period finally went away. I had thought that all of this had something to do with the anti-anxiety meds I am taking. I have switched those a couple time now. The reason I came back to the Mirena was that our local radio station was talking about how horrible the Mirena was for you, so I looked it up again and found tons of other sites with women with the EXACT same problems as myself. I will be calling my doc on monday to get it removed. I am just scared that it has attatched itself to an organ or it will be as painful coming out as it was going in. Thanks for listening.


leapinglabs - October 8

Got my Mirena taken out about a week ago now-and I feel soooo much better! All symptoms gone! Never going to get one again, even after having kids.


abcivey - October 11

Hi I went online to try to find info just like this. I have had the IUD since Sept 2005. I have 2 great kids (9 & 3) but after multiple miscarriages and terrible postpartum depression I choose to do this to prevent pg with intentions of tying my tubes at 30 (I am 29) Now I am 6 days late, and I am always as regular as clockwork, even when I vary a day or so I begin cramping about 2 weeks before my period (one of the terrible side affects of the IUD) I took 2 hpg tests and both are neg but my women intuition says that I am. I thought I was done having children and had desire to have anymore but now that I am faced with this I know that I would want this child....I am scared to find out and them hear about the risks......I can feel my string does anyone know if that gives you a better chance at having the IUD removed...I am going to call the DR monday I will let you know when I know anything else.


Pixie0303 - October 13

Hey ladies! I actually posted about this exact same thing in another board two months ago. I had an mirena iud which was put in during my period so I was suppoose to be protected right from the start- yeah right. Not long after getting the iud put in I found out that I was pregnant. The iud was removed but sadly it took my unborn child with it. I have read ime and time again where it says that its not likely that women will get pregnant on the iud but thats a bunch of c___p. There is no safe birth control. Im sorry for all the women, including myself that fall victim to all the lies these doctors tell us. Good Luck to you all


Ms.Sarah04 - October 17

Hi. I am 13 weeks pregnant with the Mirena IUD. The doctors tried to remove it last week, however, they couldnt. So it looks like it will remain in throughout this pregnancy. I am really scared. I have heard a lot about the risks. The Mirena is still knew, Im having a hard time finding people that are going thru the same thing. Has anyone else not been able to have the Mirena removed and gone full term?


himmaugh504 - October 20

I am in shock....I can't believe this!!! I am buying a test as soon as I get out of this office. I am in New Orleans. I am twenty six, separated from my soon to be ex husband and am in a relationship with somone else. I have two girls ages 3 and one and my boyfriend has two childrens from his previous marraige. I am not ready for another child. My divorce papers aren't even final. I have had my mirena since december of 07. I'm in shock...I will keep you posted. This is nuts....My symtoms are headaches and weighgain with lots of slimy discharge and pink streaking....what the hell am i going to do.


Melody - October 23

I'm hoping that I am just being paranoid but after reading this forum I now am not sure what to do. I have had the mirena iud since July of 2005. I stopped having periods in the winter of that first year so it has been almost three years since my last real period. I have had occasional cramping and spotting. In July of this year I had some serious cramping and a really thick dark brown discharge for a day or two. I was feeling awful (tired, migraines, naseauted) and so I took a hpt just to be on the safe side. It was negative so I didn't worry. Now it's almost four months later and I have gained about 25 pounds. My stomach is really hard just like it was when I was pregnant and I am either hallucinating or I am starting to feel baby kick when I lay on the couch in the evenings. I googled and found this thread so I took another hpt yesterday. Negative again. I feel like an idiot calling my doctor to tell him even though I have an IUD which he calls 99% reliable and I have failed two hpts I think I am pregnant. The health department in my city only does urine tests for pregnancy, no blood tests so I doubt that would show up positive cause that's basically the same as an hpt, right? AUGHGHGHGH!!! I already have four kids (two bios and two steps which I have full custody of) and I am only 27. My husband is gonna freak out if I am preggers. Help!


Mrs. Dameron - October 24

I have had the Mirena IUD since March of this year after having my daughter in January. I have had long periods ever since, like 2weeks at a time, atleast. And horribly cramps and migraines, not to mention the horrible pain I had when they put it in, made me throw up during the insertion. Anyways besides that, my dr. told me to check for the strings once a month, I have been doing that but up until today I havent felt them but my husband had, now I fear that it is falling out because the strings are so close they feel really long. Anyone else had this happen? And if so do you think that its coming out?> Oh and I took an hpt today bc i coulda swore i've been feeling a baby kicking me, weird, but it came back negative, but so did the pregnancy tests i took when i was 2 months preggers with my daughter, so idk. Oh and I have 2 already ,,, a 2yr old and a 9month old. Thanks -


pizzazzyjazzy - October 28

Here's my story. I have had my Paraguard in place since July 1, 2008. I had my third child in mid May. In late August I noticed I had been sleeping a whole lot (tell-tell sign that I'm pregos)! I thought it was due to me starting a new job. NOPE! I took a pregnancy test and it came back POSITIVE. You do the math...I got pregnant THREE months after having my son! My doc said I was the 1% that the IUD failed on. He advised that if he removed the IUD the pregnancy would more than likely result in a miscarriage. Although this was not a planned pregnancy both my husband and I agreed that removing the IUD would be like having an abortion. I am 10weeks pregnant and the only complication that I have right now is bleeding. I have light and heaving bledding. Doc a__sured me yesterday that that is a result of my IUD irritating my uterus. I was able to see my baby moving it's arms...looks like a little alien! Good luck to all.


dark-kitty25 - November 10

I have been having the same symptoms, I even asked my midwife who does my pap and she stated to me that it was impossible.. Well the stories I read I'm glad that there are women who have or going through the same experience as me. I kept asking her and same story everytime. Im scared that I maybe pregnant now. I don't believe in abortion I don't want to end a life that has started. I suggest no one to get a Mirena IUD. If I am pregnant I'm getting a lawyer!!! Mirena sucks!


dmarie4783 - November 11

It's been great reading through all these posts! I've read through other forum topics, specifically those whos test come back negative, but still feel pregnant. I've learned that some people do not even show up positive on a pregnancy test, urine or blood, until WELL into their pregnancy. Is that true with Mirena too? I am on mirena and have been for a year and a half. Throughout that time, I have not been regular... all summer didn't have a period. August, Sept, Oct, I DID have a period... 29-30 day cycle. My period should come today or tomorrow if I am on track. However, my last period, Oct 12, was very light, pinkish, brownish and didn't even need a pad... just when I wiped. The next few weeks I was EXTREMELY tired, just wanted to sleep forever! Also was feeling depressed, which I felt with my other kids in the very beginning. I was also feeling a little dizzy and was getting mild headaches(not like me). Finally got past that extreme tiredness stage, still tired, not too bad though. Then I started feeling a little nautious every so often. Pregnancy tests came back negative. I have 2 kids so I know what pregnancy feels like... and I feel pregnant. Then this last week, little nautious, b___sts started feeling larger and kinda felt like milk coming in, though not quite as sore(I b___stfed, so I know what it feels like). I squeezed one of my nipples and tiny dot of clearish/milky liquid came out! Is that normal? Also today when I wiped my nose, tiny amount of pinkish blood. About 2 days ago, I wiped and a long, thick slightly tinted yellowish strand of cm came out. Pregnancy related? I have also gained about 3 lbs in the last month. Anyways, pregnancy tests keep coming back negative, and also like I said I have mirena, so chance of being pregnant is very slim. I am waiting to see if AF will show up this week, and if not, I will take some more tests, and then see the OBGYN next week. Mostly I am worried about it since you are supposed to get mirena removed ASAP if you are pregnant. I don't necessarily want to be pregnant! , hence the mirena, but wouldn't mind. So could be all in my head, but only time will tell! What do you think, am I pregnant, and why won't it show up? Also if you go on ebay you can get pregnancy tests that have the same sensitivity as FR tests. 50 test strips for $15! Just make sure you get the ones with 25 ml sensitivity. I'll keep you all updated! God bless!



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