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ceiinwyn - December 28

well guess what.....i was pregnant. Was is the key word. I went to the doctor and confirmed it. THe same visit i removed the IUD and the same day I miscarried. For the best I'm sure...unfortunate though. well it's a mixed feeling. We are not ready for more children but it's sad to see life go away. i wish everyone the best of luck. Angelluv I'd take a test and if it comes out negative wait another week to retest OR maybe your doctor will come up with a different solution.


angelluv005 - December 31

Thank you Ceiiewyn I went to the doctors this morning she said the test was negative and that the strings were in place. But I am going to still watch to see if I continue to have symptoms then go back.


mommyq3 - January 8

I was very happy to find this site because I am very worried. I have taken two HPT both negative and 1 blood test that says negative. i have had headache, bloating, slight cramping, dizziness, increase in discharge nausea, some vomiting and backache. I had all of these symptoms with my three children and really feel pregnant. I had my Mirena inserted the beginning of 2008 and had no problems about three weeks ago i had brown spotting that lasted only a day or two. Now I feel pregnant. Can you get negative results and be pregnant? How many people have had negative blood and HPT results and were actually pregnant. I am scheduled for an ultrasound and will find out. If I am not prego the IUD is out!


mommyq3 - January 8

Update...waiting for the results from the ultrasound. Can't wait to get the IUD out!!! To much stress and not feeling well. I think it is not worth it. They don't tell you everything and i don't want to feel like this anymore. It may work for some people, but I don't think it is a fit for me. Cross your fingers for the results that either way it will work out


California Girl - January 9

Hey Ladies -"Mirena User since August 08" I began by reading the first few pages from 2005 and finished by reading the pages for 2008. It seems to me that IUD pregnancies occurred much more frequently in 2005/2006 as compared to 2008. I am sure that the manufacturers have made improvements since the initial posts. They tell us to check the strings once a month, because if it shifts there's a MUCH greater chance of pregnancy...or complications. I know I can't reach my strings, luckily I have been going in every couple months to have a really thorough ultrasound done on my ovarian cysts. I always have them make sure my IUD is in the right place for peace of mind! More of the posts as of 2008 seem to be about woman being concerned that they might be pregnant even after negative results. Keep in mind that with the Mirena the idea is that the hormones will change your cycle, and there's a good chance it will STOP altogether. And as mentioned already-if you're having the "effects" of being pregnant your body could easily be sending those signals BECAUSE hormones in the Mirena have caused your bleeding to stop. It's a funky, foreign object to our poor uterus' and it is very confused. =( It's always BETTER to see a doctor because if you do turn out to be that "percentage" (whatever it might truly be!) it's much more heartache to have a miscarriage if the pregnancy can be salvaged with enough notice. I had my next ultrasound scheduled for Jan 22 but I just can't wait that long. I missed my very first cycle this past month- December. I had a weird "blurp" of a spot one morning but that's it-w/the friendly bloating/cramps etc. I have been in pain for the past couple weeks-I will tell my hubby "My uterus hurts!" Knowing full-well how incredibly odd that sounds.=) I have not been interested in making love either (which isn't like me). Makes me think somethin' def goin on down there. I go in this afternoon and I am sure I will be able to chill out once they show me an empty uterus! Off to the fluids, "yay"!


anfletcher81 - January 26

Hello Ladies..... Mirena User since June 2003, I had my first Mirena placed after the birth of my daughter in 2003 and had my second one placed in June 2008. I have not had any trouble or became pregnant with either one yet (and trust me it's not like my husband and i ever took a break...haha). Just thought I would give some of you ladies some hope...lol. Now I would not wish the pain of the removal or placement upon anyone, it hurt so bad i was down for that whole day and half the next both times. Stay positive and make sure your doctor knows what he/she is doing when placing your IUD.


mommy200619 - January 28

is it possibleim pregnant? its been a yr now tahti ahve the IUD i had a period for thr first 3 mnths hen it stopped. and now all of sudden im spotting.


mommy200619 - January 28

oh and i can feel my string and i ave lost more than 20 lbs since it was put in. could atht affect th iud.


Ashlee1979 - February 15

Thought I would ad my story on here. I came across this thread after searching for pregnant with an IUD. I had my IUD put in on Jan 6th, 2009. I went for my 30 day check up arounf Feb. 3rd, 2009. I almost fell off the table when I was told that I was 8w4d PREGANT!!! Which means that I was already pregnant when they put this d__n thing in. My obgyn did do a urine test and it came out negative prior to placing my Mirena. I had an absolute breakdown on my doctor. I cried for over an hour and made him call & tell my husband. I have not stopped bleeding since I had the IUD put in. Some days its light discharge other days it is bright red clots and full "period" flow. NO ONE can expalin to me why I am still bleeding. I spent all day yesterday at the ER because I was flooding blood like a faucet was turned on. They did a sonogram and the baby is still there with a heartbeat. My Mirena is still in place and can not be removed. It is embedded in my muscle between the top of my cervix and the lower part of my uterus. The last sonogram I had done at the hospital was when I went for my 30 check up and the doctor caould not find the IUD in me. They were able to locate it by 4d sonogram at the hospital. So when I went to the ER on Sat. they compared those pictures to the ones they preformed Sat. Now they are saying they can not see any part of the IUD. So they sent me home, told me no s_x ( sorry bleeding to bad to even think of letting my husband touch me), and to rest. Well today I have just had some spotting but I am now cramping pretty bad. I am scared to death that I am going to misscarry. My doctor seems clueless to what to do so I am going to a specialist on Friday. It took me a few weeks to come to terms with the fact I am pregnant but now I WANT this baby to born! It will kill me if I do miscarry, since I was pregnant when they put the IUD in and had they not would not be in the situtaion that I am in right now. I will keep ya'll updated on what happens with me.....at this rate I am still thinking I will misscarry but praying that I don't. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that this will be baby #5. I also have 2 step-sons. My 2 youngest babies are ONLY 15 months and 4 months old. So if I do carry this pregnany and go to term that will mean 3 babies in 21 months!!!!!


mommy200619 - February 16

ahsley1979 hang in there. hope everything works out. mine are taht close. i ave to they are ye and 19 days aprt. my daiughter was 4 months when i foun out i was pregnant with my son. oh and im not pregnant. i too like 5 test in the last few weeks and all negative.


CaraLea29 - February 19

I feel a little nervous after reading everyone's posts. I've had a Minera IUD in since Feb07 and have loved it. My situation started about a month ago after I weighed myself (I have been the same weight for as long as I can remember...not including pregnancies) well I was 5 pounds heavier and thats when I noticed I'd been very tired, backaches and headaches. After a week and it weighing on my mind I took a pregnancy test. It was negative. 2 weeks later and increased appet_te, peeing, headaches and nasal congestion I decided it was time to take another pregnancy test (I just can't get it off my mind). It was still negative. Now its been another 2 weeks and I've gained another 2 pounds since the first test. My belly is swelling, my pants are feeling tight to b___ton up (not in legs or but) I just really don't feel like my usual. Could I be pregnant after 2 negative home test results. Or could I just be gaining weight (which I've never done before


Rhea - March 2

I am not sure if I am doing this correctly.... But here goes I am diabetic and have all ready had an iud placed and it fell out ala the conception of my daughter. I find out that I was preggers bc my blood work was horrible, white blood cell count was high, electrolytes were off, and I was anemic. They admiteded me to the hospital and surprise i was five months along. I had been sick for months with colds and what not. So in September of 08 I got the mirena placed and there was some spotting and heavier bleeding but no pain, everything was too easy. So i have been sick a lot and they made me go get a colonoscopy. Upset stomach for at least a month and diarrhea for longer, after the lovely procedure my iv site became infected. Then it dawned on me that my bra and clothes were snug.... and I had just dropped some weight.....which happened with my daughter........and I have not had a period in almost 8 weeks. So i bought a test and it was negative.....but the others were negative in the beginning....one pregnancy... also on birth was said to be unvalid through a blood test..... a month later still had a baby and it was fine.....i had to terminate it as my blood sugar was not in control. very hard descision. Anyways here I am I have a drs appointment tomorrow and i am going to have a blood test done ...... I am having a time of it and need some words i guess......


christyp68 - March 16

I thought I was alone! This does not sound good for me! My husband truely believes I am pregnant but I keep saying no way I have the Mirena in! Guess I was wrong! I was told it was more effective than sterilization! Guess I better find out since it can be so dangerous for both the Mom and Baby! Good luck to all who have posted!


JoyfulMommy - March 16

I had the copper IUD for 3 years...with no pregnancies...then I missed a period (they were pretty regular with the IUD). Three pregnancy tests came back positive. I had the IUD taken out when I was 6 weeks pregnant...and last week just delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl!! A HUGE surprise...but also a huge blessing. I can't imagine my life without my little princess. I guess the bottom line is no matter what form of contraception is used if God decides to bless you with a baby...contraception won't stop Him. :)


lucin@ - March 18

Hi! I'm now 22 weeks pregnant with copper IUD in situ. Does anyone know how the delivery with the device look like? Does it cause extra pain or something like that. How the doctor remove the IUD?


christyp68 - March 18

I took a hpt and it came back negative, but that is what seems to be the norm if you get pregnant with an IUD. I don't really "feel" pregnant, but do think something may be "not right" with my Mirena. Have to wait for a referal from my primary to go and see the OB/GYN though. Hopefully it won't take too long. I had the copper IUD but it caused me so much pain I had to switch to Mirena. I really do not want to have another baby, but would be thrilled if I turned out pregnant. My last pegnancy was filled with complication afetr complication and from all the reading it seems it would be worse with the Mirena - possible misscarriage if removed or harm to the baby or me if left in. This is a scary situation! Once again good luck to all that are sharing the same issue! God Bless!!!



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