IUD Strings Missing And IUD Has Moved To Uterus

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shelly78 - October 14

Hi ladies, Sunday I experienced the worst haeadache, or migraine you ever want to know. I went to my Dr. monday for my well womans. She told me she could not locate my Strings to the mirena IUD....She then wisked me to the ultrasound room to advise she saw the IUD, but it moved up in my uterus. She said it was supposed to be in my cervic...She said not to worry... Well I am worried b/c she said its quite strange for my cycle not to show up on time..I was expecting it the 1-2nd of October.>That day has long gone. I asked her while she was doing my exam if she could tell if it was going to start soon. She said its not any where close... WHAT DO I DO>......Its like no big deal, but to me its majorily important when dealing with my body... I am so nervous,. I hope I am not expecting b/c I got the mirena when my daughter was 2 months old. Now she is 14 months.... Sincerely, Sh__ly78


clindholm - October 15

I would go ahead and take a pregnancy test. Did your doctor tell you if it appeared you were pregnant or what the chances of pregnancy are if the IUD moves or the strings are missing?


shelly78 - October 15

My doctor didn't say anything of the sort, she did the pap and stated she was concerned I didn't have my cycle yet and she couldn't find the strings. she said she couldn't see that my cycle was any where approaching while doing the pap,. the chances are it can happen, and her a__sistants were like, keep us informed - can't believe she can't find the IUD strings, as if they are expecting me to be back..its crazy.....all i can do is shake my head and wait for the uncertainty of what will I expect tomorrow, which I am hoping is a cycle, but all i have is a tingly nipple in my b___st and gasy feeling in my abdomen, like I am literally b__wing bubbles inside my abdomen, where my cramps from the PMS usually be...I tell you what...this is upsetting.....


clindholm - October 16

Why not take a test?



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