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Chris - May 2

I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks. Very exciting! Heartbeat was strong. 3 days later the doc called and said the ultrasound pic didn't look "normal" she has scheduled me to come in at 11 weeks for a level 2 ultra sound to take a better look. She said she was hoping it's just the position of the baby or the cord. I am nervous. Hard waiting these weeks. Just asking for your prayers. Thank you.


Mrs O - May 2

You have got it, I will pray. What part didn't look "normal"? The worst part about all this is the waiting. I had test done, amnio, and had to wait to get the results. That was THE worst part of all. Hang in there, GOD has a plan and remember he does NOT make mistakes. Best of luck.


Chris - May 2

Thank you Mrs. O. The shape of the fetus is what didn't look right to the doc. It was only 8 weeks though... I would think they can't jump to conclusions that early. I am trying to stay possitive. I truly belive that GOD does have a plan and my baby is in it! I know extra prayers would help as well. Thanks again!


monica - May 2

sounds like what happened to me. I went in for my 10 week u/s and saw the heartbeat and baby swimming around. The doctor called me and said she wanted to take the u/s again. The neck area measured to thick and that was a sign of Down sydrome. She wanted to go to a specialist along with genetic counseling. when I was over 12 weeks. I cried for the whole time lost weight and was so stressed out I got myself really sick. I did a lot of prayers and other prayed for me as well. I left it all to God. When I went in for the u/s the tech and the doctor said that their was nothing wrong with the baby and the Nuchal Fold (thicknes of the neck) was normal. I also took blood test and it all came back normal. I am now 27 weeks and baby is doing well. Did the doctor give you any details? Please dont try not to worry to much. Your baby will be fine and of course you have my prayers. Just leave it up to God and trust him.


Chris - May 3

Monica - Thank you so much for sharing that with me. When the doctor called she talked alot of Medical Babble but I did hear "neck" she said the u/s tech felt the fetus was an "abnormal shape". Deep down in my heart I didn't really think an 8 week old fetus was really supposed to have much of a shape. I hope and pray to share the same experiance you did when I go back. I have given it up to GOD and just try to keep my self as busy as possible so I don't get down. Thank you again I appreciate all the prayers I can get!


Kim - May 3

I will definitely be praying for you. I read something the other day that I want to share with you, as I had been worrying about my pregnancy too. I read in Matthew that if two or more people pray to God for something, that he will grant your request. Also, in my daily devotions, I read the most awesome thing: Pray and live like God has already answered your prayers. I've started believing that -that I'm going to have a healthy baby and carry it full term and it's made me a much happier person. Worry doesn't do us or our babies any good so it's best to give it to God. He does have a plan. Read Jeremiah 29: 11-13.


Chris - May 3

Thank you Kim! I will read that. And coincidentally by boyfriends name, the father, name is Jeremiah! :) And I will keep you all my my prayers as well. Thanks.


Justine - May 4

Chris - Try not to worry - at my 8 week scan my baby was basically a blob though doctors always seem to be able to see more than me. If you're really worried try to get the doc to do the level 2 u/s earlier - at 9 weeks mine looked just like a little baby. If your baby has a strong heartbeat I wouldn't worry too much. Hope it goes well.


chris - May 4

thanks justine. I do have a level 2 appt. scheduled for 11 weeks. they wanted to be sure it was a bit bigger. I am hoping and praying for the best. Thanks


eyebeeablessing2u - May 4

Love this thread BTW... think there should be more like it...... about GOD.. praying for you as well....


amanda - May 12

well as you know the only one that has the power to help is GOD i will pray for you hopefully everything will be okay!keep us informed and GOD bless!!!!!!!


monica - May 12

to chris, what date is your level 2 u/s?


Chris - May 13

Hi Ladies. I'm still waiting to have the Level 2. It is scheduled for Tuesday, 5-17 in the afternoon. I will let you all know how everything goes. I had a doctors appointment last Friday and heard a strong heartbeat which was comforting! And I am 11 weeks today so my chances are getting better. Thank you all again for your prayers. I will be in touch. :)


Jennifer - May 13

Believe me I will pray for you, I would say that there is nothing to worry about. I don't know if pregnancy supersizes worry, but I know mine has. I seem to stay worried all the time. But think about it this way, God has a purpose for you and your child and he never goofs up!


Chris - May 18

Hi Ladies! I am happy to tell you that I went for the level 2 and everything looked great. NO Problems. It was explained to me that when the first u/s was taken the baby was attached to my uterus and so some of the tissue on my uterus was measured as part of the baby neck... which measured to thick... a sign of a cromosonal abnormalty... yesterday the baby was clearly detached and the neck was fine. It was the most unbelivable thing the baby was moving all over the place moving its arms and legs like crazy and it did two summer saults for us. Such a showoff allready! Thank you so much for your prayers. My prayer will continue to be with all of you. Good luck!


Justine - May 20

Chris - Good to hear that. I'm surprised they measured the neck at 8 weeks - don't do that in England until the 12 week scan.


monica - May 20

so happy for you Chris. Enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.



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