Just Had Ectopic Please Answer Questions

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Monica - May 13

I went in to the ER today with a ruptured ectopic. They had to remove on tube and said the other looked fine and it had a 70% chance of being helathy during another pregnancy. I go back in 6 weeks for the doc to inject dye in me to make sure my other tube is okay before I start trying again. Please, if anyone else out there had an ectopic and had a tube reomved please give me hope of having a heathy pregnancy. I am so depressed right now and need some comforting words of encouragement. I want to try and have another baby as soon as i recover, how long did it take anyone else out there to have another baby and were there any comlications? Please if you have experienced this help


Kate - May 13

I have never had an ectopic myself. My friend did though when she was only 19, after a one night stand, she wasnt even due for her period at the time therefore did not know why she was being rushed to emergnecy from terrible pains in the side. Turned out she lost her tube from it. A few years later she went on to get married and she has had three healthy children without a long trying process between each one. At the time she was told that she would have a chance every second cycle, as normally a person ovulates one side one month and the other side the next month.. Not sure how true that is though! You can usually tell mid cycle, which side you are ovulating from by the pain and the tenderness (well i can anyway). Im sure you will be fine, good luck!


mary - May 14

monica.. calm down if u can, I too had an ectopic 19 yrs ago and went on to have a beautiful healthy 8 1/2 lb little boy.. he is now almost 16.. u can still have a healthy pg.. just takes us alittle longer :).. gl to u


Heather - May 19

I had an ectopic pregnany 5 years ago. I lost my right tube and was given a 50% chance of having another one. Two 1/2 years after my surgery i became pregnant with my son whom i carried post term, and now i am 6 weeks pregnant. In between both pregnancies i did have two miscarriages. One at 6 weeks and another at 13 weeks. Its difficult but as soon as you relearn your cycle you'll be fine. My dr did reccomend i wait atleast a year after my tubal for emotional reasons. For a year and a half i couldn't look at a baby without bursting into tears. Its tough, but if your a fighter, you'll pull through. Don't give up!


Angela - May 19

My sister-in-law experienced the same...was rushed to the hospital when her tube ruptured due to an ectopic pregnancy. In addition, she rec'd multiple blood transfusions due to the amount of blood loss & her tube was removed. She was pregnant again without complications, I believe within the next year. It wasn't very long at all. She now has a very healthy little girl! God bless you.


Mel - May 20

I too had an ectopic pregnancy and lost my right tube. It's heartbreaking and difficult to imagine that you can get pregnant again with only one tube. it IS possible. I was told as long as both ovaries are functioning correctly and your other tube is fine, you can sometimes even become pregnant during the month that you ovulate from the side your tube was removed from. It may take a little longer to get pregnant or if you're timing is on it can happen right away. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and well and we conceived the 2nd month of trying. We waited a year though cause my husband was deployed. But have faith that it will happen for you! I wish you the best!


Kim - May 21

Monica-- Sorry about your ectopic. I can completely empathize with you. My first pregnancy ended with a ruptured ectopic. I was about 6 weeks when it happened. I had the dye test only to show my ruptured tube, which they kept, was completely blocked. I went on to have two more miscarriages then a very hard pregnancy. I ended up with preecalmpsia and delivered at 27 weeks. My son is now 17 months old and thriving. No problems whatsoever. My advice to you is to keep trying and talk to your doctor about clomid. Thats how i finally conceived from my "good" tube. Good luck and try to look ahead at the positive things in life. Pregnancy will happen for you.



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