Kidney Stones During Pregnancy

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N - March 6

I had my first kidney stone attack 5 months after the birth of my second child. With the help of strong IV narcotics it relieved my pain and I passed the stone in the ER. One day after the birth of my 3rd child I had another stone attack and was put on IV meds. It took nearly a week in the hospital before I passed the 7mm stone 2 hrs before I was scheduled for surger to remove it. I just miscarried at 8wks last month and about 1 wk after the miscarriage started I ended up in the ER with yet Another stone! I was sent home with strong pain meds which made me very sick from Fr-Mon. My uroligist finally put me in the hospital, but I never passed the stone so he went in and surgically removed it. I had a stent in for 3 days after which was very painful. I am desperate to get pregnant again but am scared to death that I will have a stone attack during pregnancy. Has this happened to anyone and what was done for the terrible pain without risk to the baby? I was already told that surgery was not an option if I was pregnant, but only very powerful pain meds alleviate my pain!


N - March 6

One more question... Does anyone know how to prevent kidney stones beyond drinking at least 72 oz of water, adding lemon and OJ to the diet, eliminating caffiene, less protein etc?... I would greatly appreciate any advice! I feel like a walking time bomb having 3 stones within 4 yrs!


kerry - April 7

avoid antacids with calcium


dee - April 7

I too suffer from kidney stones.I had one5 weeks after the birth of my daughter.all toll I've had 5. I pa__sed all of them. Do not drink tap water,Iced tea, Strawberries,Spinach, Green beans, Icecream.Any thing that has oxalate in it.Tums or rolaids.


bump - April 8



elizabeth - April 13

i am 5 months pregnant and just had a stent placed 3 weeks ago because of kidney stones, my doctor has had me on tylenol with codine and percocet, he a__sured me that both were ok as long as i didn't use them for months on end. I have has surgury once already but was told that i may have to live with the stent for the rest of my pregnancy. Any advice would be helpful, i would like to return to work but that hope seems to be well hopeless!


elizabeth - April 14

i spoke to my urologist today and just to add to what i previously submitted, he told me that more than likely i will have the stent in for the remainder of my pregnancy, however it will have to be replaced thoughout the course of the pregnancy because of buildup.


tracie - April 16

not while pregnant but what amount of calcium were or have you taken. Most kidney stones derive from calcium deposits on the kidney. I have one kidney and had several stones and stents. My doctor advised me to take 2500mg of calcium while b___stfeeding child #2, i declined the advice. Check that out, hope it helps.. your medicfriend


Valorie - April 17

During my first pregnancy I had kidney stones twice at six months and seven months. I had IV meds and pa__sed both stones in the hospital. I am pregnant again and in my sixth month, I was just in the ER last night for kidney stones again. I didn't need pain meds this time but they did an ultrasound and found out that I have multiple stones I have an appointment with a urologist tomorrow. I am told that if you only get stones when your pregnant than it probably pregnancy related and in no way means stop taking calcium it just usually means you don't drink enough water(which is true in my case) I feel for you, I haven't had to have a stent put in yet and I hope that's not whats next for me.


elizabeth - April 21

tracie, did you have a way of dealing with the pain from the stent? i am having a hard time getting around and am now having problems with urinary frequencency (its not a UTI i have been checked for it several times and have been on antibiotics for a month) the only thing that seems to help to just to sit still, but with 2 other kids thats hard to do.


N - April 21

Thank-you to everyone who finally responded to my question. My life has been a nightmare since I posted my question. Right after I posted, my 3 kids came down with the flu. My youngest tested positive for Infuenza A and B (at the same time) and was almost hospitalized. Turns out after 5 trips to the peds in one week, she was diagnosed with Leukemia. I have been in the hospital with her for 3 weeks while they ran tests, performed surgery and started her Chemo therapy. Her prognosis is good but she will be on Chemo for 2 + years. Just days after she was diagnosed I found out I was pregnant again. I hadn't even had my first cycle after the MC in Feb and because the chemo is secreted in her urine/stool/vomit/sweat, they warned me about touching her secretions if we planned to have another baby so I had my doctor do blood test which to my absolute shock was positive. I'm about 8 wks now and the pregnancy is going good, but my little one is sooo sick. She won't walk, play or touch a toy for about a month now. She won't let anyone look at her. She also was hospitalized again for contracting the rotavirus while in the hospital! Her sister caught it from her and had to be hospitalized just a couple days after her little sister's release. In regard to my stones, I am scared to death! I know how absolutely painful the stent and stones are. I met with a nephrologist who basically was no help. All he advised me to do was to drink 3 qts fluid a day and add citrus to my diet (2-3 lemons/oranges a day), and he wants me to take a pota__sium citrate supplement to counteract the extra calcuim in my system. It's a cla__s C drug during pregnancy and I'm scared to take it just in case it harms the baby. My OB's advised I could take it because of the benefit of preventing stones. I may wait until after the first trimester, but I'm afraid that could be too late. This is my last chance for a baby. We wanted another baby after the MC but when my daughter was diagnosed we decided we wouldn't since she would need every ounce of our energy and help to get her thru this. Again, Thank- you so much for your advice, and good luck to you all!


Phaedra - April 22

I was 6 months pregnant when I had kidney stones and was unable to pa__s them. I went into kidney failure and had the stents put in. While in the hospital for a week I went into labor (luckily they stopped it) and got pneumonia. Recovery was extremely painful. I was on morphine in the hospital and viacodin when I got out. I got myself off viacodin after 2 weeks because I was scared of it hurting the baby no matter what they said. It never really took the pain away anyway. Having those stents in for 4 months made labor seem like a walk in the park. I would cry every day from the pain but somehow I made it through and had my son at 37 weeks. It was all worth it. Now I am 8 months preganant without any kidney problems. I drink tons and tons of water and absolutely no caffeine. I wanted another baby so bad that I was willing to risk going through all that again but I do everything I can to prevent kidney trouble. As for someone who wrote about changing out the stents. My doctor never did but I was on macrobid antibiotics the rest of my pregnancy because the build up would not allow bladder infections to clear up. As for the pain, I continued to work because it would take my mind off the pain. But, I have a sit down job. It was very painful to walk around I remember. I used a rice sock that I heated up and put that around my lower back all the time. That was the only thing that actually gave me some relief.


Liliana - April 22

Elizabeth, I was so surprised to hear your story, it sounds like mine. I'm also 5 months pregnant and I just got out of the hospital with a stent, I'm surprised it needs to be changed because of build up!! I don't want to go back to the hospitaL!


Barbara - April 27

I am 29 weeks and have just had a stent put in for a kidney stone. It is very uncomfortable. I was wondering if the stent is going to make it harder for the stone to pa__s, if I should have waited and stuck it out. I am told it will be in for the rest of the pregnancy. I am wondering what happens once I deliver.


Lindsay - April 28

I too suffer from Kidney stones. I am currenly pregnant with my second child(19 weeks) and have already been hospitalized for kidney stones. Which luckly this time I pa__sed. My first pregnancy I was not so lucky. I had an attack roughly 5 months into my pregancy with a stone to large to pa__s. I had a stent in place for over 4 months, since they could do nothing to remove the stone until I delivered. I had gained no weight and continued to be very sick. My only comfort for pain relief was a mixture of gravol and demerol as well as a medication to relax my bladder from spasims due to the stent.The doctors and nurses re-a__sured me daily that there would be no long term effects to my unborn baby. Dispite my own worry about taking so many medications for so long, my son was born(induced) extreamly healthy and continues to be today. My best advice is this. I didn't push enough after my first child to be tested for more means of blood work, urine samples for crystals and dye test for ultrasounds. And I should have. It may have helped me prevent or at least be aware of the possibilites during my current pregnancy. Ask questions, lots of questions. Expecially to the maternity nurses. They were my biggest comfort. Not only to me but my spouse and family. You may be prone to kidney stones, just like myself and so many other women during pregnancy. I can tell you this!!! I suffered almost 5 months with the most intense pain and I thought it would never be over. But when I have my sons little arms give me a big hug in the morning, it some how makes it all worth it. And crazy enough to risk doing it all over again. Dispite all that, in the end you must do what feels comfortable for you. However, I would spend quality time at the Urology clinic getting tested and getting answers. Something I never did. Hope this helps. Best Regards!!!!!


36+ weeks - April 30

I am 36+ weeks and jsut been diagnosed with a Kidney stone stuck in the drainage tube of the kidney, I was put on codine and gravol for the pain not sure how I feel about taking codine. The Dr said they might induce me not sure what to do.


Den - May 1

I had kidney stones attack at 26 wks, I was told I had 14 stones, they inserted two stents. I've been on Tylenol with codeine and pain meds for to relieve spasm of bladder. This is very painful. They've been tell me for the past 10 weeks that the baby is fine and the meds do not affect the baby, I was suppose to be induced this week (37 wks) but they have now come up with some information that since I had this chronic pain for 2 months that the baby might of not developped has well has a normal pregnancy. Every place I've looked or researched I have not seen no information to back this up. It's a chance I have to take my urologist told me if I want to be induced. Personaly I think they don't want the responsibilaty to fall back on them. I still have the stents in and I am still pa__sing stones after all this time. The stents are painful but not as painful as pa__sing the stone without. I do not have any other children and I keep on telling myself that if I would I didn't know if I would be able to go threw the pregnancy as I have now been bed ridden for the past 3 weeks due to contractions. I would try and make sure that I no longer had stones or get some information on how not to produce some before I got pregnant. Good luck:)



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